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18 March 1982

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1982-03-18 number 12

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                       "Official Gazette
      No.12                  _                          Lagos - 18th March 1982                                                   Vol. 69 -

                                                              CONTE N Ts
                                .                                                 o                           .                         Page
    Movements of Officers
                                    ee         oe        ee    ;   ee       ee            os   .    ee   ae       ee        ee   ee   228-43

    a 243-46
    Registration of Insurance            ot    oe   _    oe        oe       oe        ;   oo        oe   oe       oe    .   oe   ee      247

. Change of Address of Insurance               ..                  oo       one           oe        oe   oe       ee        ee   ee      247
    Change of Address of Trade Unions .                  ..        ~—..     a                                     re                     Y5
    Examination in Law, Civil Service Rules, Financial Regulation, Police Orders and Instrisctions
      Practical Police                                                                             and
                       Work—22nd to 24thJune, 1982.                                                      ee                              247
    Treasury Returns—Statements Nos. 2-4...                        «.       4.            tenet -                                1»   WAB~53
    Central Bank of Nigeria—Board Resolution at its Meeting of Thuredey, 25th February, 1982.
                                                                                                                                 ee     254
    Lows of Certificates of Occupancy                   .°         oe       se.           oe       ge    os       ee        oe   ve   254-55
    Tender        ee    oe      se            oe        oe         oo       oe        -ee          ae    oe       oe        oe   ee     255
    Public Notice No. 10—Suit No, FHC/PH/7/82                             i,              o        oe    ee       oo.       ee   oe     256

.                                             Inpsx To Leoat Norices in Supplement

    SL No.                                                   ’ Short Tithe                                                             Page
      A Bill entitled the Nigerian UniversityMatriculetion Council Act 1982.                                      .         oe   oe     Cci9

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