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20 May 1982

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1982-05-20 number 24

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       Kede al Republic of Nigeria
                      Official Gazette
                                      Lagos- 20th May, 1982                                              Vol. 69


                                              Page                                                            Pave
Appointments of Acting Permanent                     Federal Government College Enugu
  Secretaries                                  436     Postal Agency- -Opening ot  .                           tol
Movements of Officers   .                   436-56   Ekpene Obo Postal Agency- Opening ot                      +6;
Trade Disputes between the National —                University of Jos Postal Agency
  Union of Furniture, Fixtures and                     Opening of             ..     .              .          +o]
  Woodworkers and Management of                      Omuanwa Postal Agency --Opening ot                        4A
  Harmony House Furniture Company                    ‘Toluwalase Postal Agency— Opening o1                     tei
  Lumited                                   436-57   Gbagada Estate Yaba Postal Agency
Trade Dispute between the National |                   Opening of      .                                       461
  Union of Textile Garment and                       Ibeme Postal Agency Opening of                            402
  Tailoring Workers and Management                   ErunwonPostal \genes               Opening of.            dio
  of Chitra Knitting and Weaving                     Issele-VIkpitime sub Post Office
  Manufacturing Company Limited                        Opening of                 .    ..                      +02
Trade Union —Change of Registered                    Gashua Post Office,       Opener of            ..         462
  Office Address ..                                  Oveleve Strat Voshin Postai \peney
Application for Permit for Non-Scheduled               ‘Ope ning of                .                         . 462
  Passenger and Cargo Air Charter                    Ode-Ekit: Post®! Agen: vo          Tntreduction ef
  Services                                  457-58       Savings Bank Facilities                    a          462
Geidan Post Onee Opening of                    458   Central Bank of Nigerim     Return of Assets
Mangu Post Oftice Opening of                   458     and Liabilities as at the Close ot
Gashua Post Office Opening of                  458     Business on 3ise Viarch, 1982                           dud
Okin Postal Agency -Opening of                 458   Examination in Law, Civil Service Rules,
Olokoto Postal Agency - Opening of             458     Financial Regulations, Police Orders and
Orere Postal Agencs  pening of     oe          459     Tnstrictions and Practical Pole Ve ork
GwadabuwaPost Office ~Opening of .             459         Dev conser   TORI   Pp   3   {oisr   .

Mercje Postal Agenws Opening of...             459                             Note be IN St ppLrMpn,
Ifishin-Ekiti Postal \gency— Opening of        459         INpey TO Torey
Ubuncke Postal \ezencv ‘Opening of .           459   Sul No.               Niet Tots
Otuafu Postal Agencs Opening of      .         459                                                            Puve

Igbaja Street Viushin Postal Agencv—                 8    Federal h; wavs (Declaration! Order 1482            Be:
  Opening of                                  460          Bill entitled the West African Exaraiia-
Jabata Ovo Postal AgencVv: —Opening of        460             tions Counc! (Amendment) Act, 1982              qr
Ododegho Postal Agency---Opening of. .        460          Bill entitled the Federal Highways
Nkwo-Akpulu Postal Agency—Opening of                          Authority Act 1982                              Cw
Palm Avenue Mushin Postal Agencv—                         Bill entitled the Copyright ) Amend-
  Opening of                      :           460            ment) Act 1982...                                C35
Raji Abavomi Street Oshodi Postal                    -    Bill entitled the Criminal Code
  Agency —Opening of ..                       460            (Amendment) Act, 1982                            C3,
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