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15 June 1982

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1982-06-15 number 29

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,         : Federal Republic of Nigeria

                             Official Gazette                                                                             _
         No. 29       .         -            ;        Lagos - 15th June, 1982                                            Vol. 69

       Government Notice No. 378

                  ;                 INSTRUMENT OF PARDON                a

                                                                          By the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

                   Suenu Usman Atryu Suacarr,              .
            President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,
      Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federation

           Wueneas bysection 161 (1) of the Constitution of thé Federal     Republic of Nigeria 1979 it is provided
      that the President may grant any person concerned with any.offence created
      a pardon,either free or subject to lawful conditions :                     by an Actof the National Assembly
      «|   AND WHEREAS Emeka OpuMEeGwu Oyuxwu has been concerned. with
                                                                                offences under the Criminal Code
      and the Army Act 1960 :                                                                :
          AND WHEREAS by section 161 (3) of the Constitution of the Federal Republi
      that the President, acting in accordan                                        c of Nigeria 1979it is provided
                                               ce with the advice of the Council
      pnder the said section 161 (1) in relation to persons concerned with offencesof State, may exercise his powers
                                                                                    against naval, military or air-force

          Now, THererorg, I, SHenu Usman ALIyu Suacart, President of the     Federal Republic of Nigeria and’
      Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. of the Federation, acting
                                                                        in accordance with the advice of the
      Council of State, do hereby grant a free pardon to the said EMEKA Opumec
      the 18th day of May,                                                      wu Oyoxwu with effect from’
                               1982.                                                .
         GIvEN under my hand and the Public Seal of the Federal Republic
    of June, Onethousand nine hundred                                    of Nigeria at Lagos, this 15th day
                                                 and eighty-two,
                        ’ Printed and Published by The Federal GovernmentPress, Lagos,
                                                             FGPL 163/682/17,100                /            -
          Annual Subscription from 1st     January, 1982, is Local : N12, Overseas | N15 (Surf: ¢ Mail), N33 (Second
     Present issue 10k per copy. Suber who ay to obtain Cacesre after Ist                                            Class Air Mail).
     Printer, Lagos foramended  Subscription.
                                                                                      Pearce “iD. to She Federal Governenry

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