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8 July 1982

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1982-07-08 number 33

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         Federal Republic of Nigeria
                            Official Gazette
  No. 33                                    Lagos - &th July, 1982                                              Vol. 69

                                                        Page                                                              Page
Movements of Officers                              674-86      JOepostal
                                                                         Agency—Change of Office of                        601
Trade Dispute between the Petreleum and                        Baissa Postal Agency—Change of Office of |
  Natural Gas Senior Staff Association and                       Control      ee v        e                                691
  Nigerian Petroleum Refining Company              686-87)     -rGin Quarters Postal Agency—Opening of...                  601
Trade Spa between me Nosema
                          Union of                             Oke-Eri Pestal Agensy—Opening of                            692
           urance and Financi    titutions                                 .
  Employees and Menagement of First Bank                 687   UkporSub Post OfficeChange of Office of                     602
  of     Nigeria        .                                      Isale Afa-Ibadan Pestal Ageney—Openingof                    692
Trade Dispute between National Union of                        Ikate Postal Agency—Opening of                              692
          » Insurance and Financial Institutions                                     cy       P   e         .              .
  Employees and Co-operative Thrift and                        Orin-Ekiti Postal Agency—-Opening of                        692
  Credit Union Limited                         .         688   Mbaitoli Pest Office—Opening of                             692
Trade Dispute between the Petroleum and                        Lessof a Bundle of R10 Denomination
  Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of                        Toll Tickets .                                  :         693
  nigeria and Managementof Nigerian                6           Tenders           .                      .            " 693-04
       ational Petroleum Corporation                   83-89   Public Notice No. 20—Notice of Resignation
Irekpai Postal Agency—Opening of ..                     689      of Liquidator                                             694

Hudun Ekiti Postal Agency—Opening of                    689
Nkwoagu-Amichi Postal Agency—-Opening of                689       Inpex To Lecat Notice in SurPLeMEnt
Misau Post Office—Opening of           oe     -.        680    S.J. No.                   Short Title                     Page
Okeya Postal Agency—Opening of ..                       690      -—   Bill entitled the Constitution of the
Umuekechi Postal Agency—Opening of                      6990             Federal Republic of Nigeria
Oranyan Street Postal Agency—Opening of                 690              (Amendment) Act 1982       ..           +»       C6l
Kaltungo Post Office—Opening of ..                      630      —    Bill entitled the Legal Education
Ukwulu Town Postal Agency—Opening of                    650               cuom ete.) (Amendment)                          ca7
Serti Postal Agency—Change of Office of                                    ct             "             ste                    GC
  Control          .                                    691      — Billentitled we poretents                          )
GembuFoostal Agency—Change
              Ag           of Office of                 691               (R     1) Actaviation
                                                                                        1982... of certain      svard C69

                          ¢ Office of
Bali Pastal Agency—Change of                                     —    Bil’ entitled the Income Tax Manage-
  Control                                               691              ment (Amendment) (No. 2) Act Tost                Cai
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