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11 August 1982

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1982-08-11 number 38

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       Federal Republic of Nigeria
       Official Gazette
   No. 38                                    Lagos- 1ith August, 1982                                     Vol. 69
Government Notice No. 523           .                                        .

     The following is published 2s Supplementto this Gazette :—
   _ National Electric Power Authority (Amendment) Act 1982                      --   oe    ae     oe      -       Al9
     Appropriation Act 1982             oe            ee          .     o*       oe   oe    o.      oe     -       A2l
   ~ Nigerian Coal Corporation (Amendment) Act 1982,                             ee   we
     Federal Court of Appeal (Amendment) Act 1982                ..     . ee          a     ee     ef      oe      A   25

     Electoral Act 1982.                ww      www              ee     vee           se.   we     oe      «       A27

                Printed and Published by The Federal GovernmentPress, Lagos, Nigeria
                                          EGP 1803/1182/10,000
     Annual S         from ist January, 1982 is Local : N12, Oversess : N15 (Surface Mail), N33 (Second
                                                                                                     Ct Clase Air Mail]
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    se Sep ement)NI percopSubscribe
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