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14 October 1982

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1982-10-14 number 52

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       Federal Republic of Nigeria
                        Official Gazette
   No.52                                  Lagos - 14th October, 1982 -                       .                  Vol. 69
 Movements of Officers                                                                                           «Page
                                 oe      os    .e      ..     e        we        Ve     .         .e      .       1030-43
 Treasury Returns—Statements Nos, 2-4.
                                       -               .      .        we        .      .         ..      a          1044-49
Trade Disputebetween the head of the Civil
                                              Service ofthe Federation and the Senior
  of Universities, Teaching Hospitals, Resea
                                             rch Institute and Assoc
                                                                                            Staff Association
                                                                            iated Institutions of Nigeria        -»     1050
Trade Dispute between Non-Academic Staff
                                            Union of Educational and Associated Insti
  the Head ofthe Civil Service of the Federation                                          tutions and
                                                   ..      ..       .      +       .e     a      ee.                    2059
Central Bank of Nigeria—Return ofAssets
                                          and Liabilities as at the close of Business
                                                                                      on 3ist August,                   1051
Public Notice No. 30—Suit No. FHC/
                                   L/M107/82—Notice of Petition                 <,     oe        ae      os          1051~52

                                      Ixpex To Lecat Notices is Suppievmxt
S.L No,                                         Short Title
 ~~.      Bill entitled the Constitution ofthe Feder
                                                     al Republic of Nigeria (Amendment) (No.
                                                                                                       3) Act 1982     C113
—         Billentitled the Cons itution of the Federal Reputlic
                                                                  ofNigecia (Amendment) (No.4) Act 1982               C121
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