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4 November 1982

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1982-11-04 number 56

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          Federal Republic of Nigeria
                  _ Official Gazette —
    No. 56                             Lagos - 4th November, 1982:                                      Vol. 69

                         -                                 ;
 Movements of Officers           as   ae
                                             oe      be        es       ee    ee      oe   os           1096-1102
  Loss of Local Purchase Orders,             wg wy             nena                        sg              1102-3
  Loss of Original Receipt       ww    wk    kkk                        ete           ae         ng          1103
' Loss of Pension Authorisation        oe   ws                 ae       we    ee     oe    as    ve          1103
 Loss of Ministry of Health Department Pay Voucher             ve   ee        ta    ows    se    ee          1103
 Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation—Monthly Crude Oil Statistics
                                                                                     a     os    ee          1103
 Supreme Court of Nigeria—General Cause List        ..         oe   ‘         ve ..  we          oe        1104.7
 -Public Notice No. 33~~Nigerian Processing Compeny Limited-—Notice
                                                                    of Final Meeting             be          1107
_ Public Notice No, 34—Suit No, FHC/L/M133/82                  ts   oe        a      ee    ee    te         1108

                                  INDEX To Lzcat Notices in SUPPLEMENT
 SIN                         .                    Short Title                                               Page
   — Bill entitled the Electoral (Amendment) Act 1982 ..                 we    bees                         C123
   — Bill entitled the Commodity Board (Ameridment) Act 1982                   ee     oe    ae    ws        C127
   -— Bill entitled the Armed Forces Pensions (Amendment) Act 1982 ..                 ‘.    ee    we       Cia
   -— Bill entitled the Federal Highways (Amendment) Act 1982                  tenet                       C131
   —-   Bill entitled the Nigerian Internal Telecommunications Authority Act 1982
                                                                                                  a        Ci33
   —    Bill entitled the Nigerian Postal Services Authority Act 1982    oe ons             as    ‘ve      C163
   — Bill entitled the National Order of Precedence Act 1982            .,     a      eo    tke            C197
   — ‘Bill entitled the Pensions (Amendment) Act 1982 ..                oe     ee     ee   aes             C201
        Bill entitled the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1982
   _                                                            .. ee          eo     e    oo ws           C269
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