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26 May 1983

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1983-05-26 number 26

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 ‘Federal Republic ofNigeria
                  Official Gazette .
 No.26:            oe                 Lagos- 26th May, 19833                            Vol. 70
 0                 —                            CONTENTS
 a                 .        -          -          Sa         a,                                Page
Movements ofOfficers       oe     08, oe          ee,   oe   o-     enews         -_      538-59
Registration of Insurance Company\.        se     eo    ete        we   soe       ve     .»      559
  radeDispute reiaaeta and Steel Workers Union of Nigeria and Steel Trussesand Foundaries-

AkoliImeayi PostalAgency—Opening ofco            ee     kee oe          oe owe    ve     a 560
AgbalaEnyi Postal Agency—Opening of        oe    ee     ae   oe    oe   ae owe    ee     oes 560
Irun-Akoko Sub-Post Office—Opening of ..          «we        eet                  60
Imota Sub-Post Office—Openingof        “ee        ee    ee   oe)   ee   ee   se   be)    we)     GK
Vacancp—{AATA) 6.          eee                     tee             tte                         561-62
Public Notice No. 19-ESuit ‘No. FEICILM30/82—Notieof Petition      oe   we   weet                GD
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