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5 December 1983

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1983-12-05 number 63

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- Extraordinary

  oFederal Republic of Nigeria
                         Official Gazette
    No. 63 |                                Lagos -5th December, 1983 ~                      *            Vol. 70

 Government Notice No, 894       |

      The following is published ss Supplementto this Gazette :-—"
 S.I. No. 53                         .   "Store Title                                                     Page
                ASSIGNMENT OF RESPONSIBILITIES TO THE Vice-PRESIDeNT snp Ministers                     -B463

                  Printed and Published by The Federal GovernmentPress, Lagos, Nigeris
                                            FGP 1761j1283/18,000       —
                                ieee Shecrbers w
                                               wo at MIS (Surfsce Mail), N33 Second Cisse Air Mail).
     ee            fig Sepeteccs) 208
                                   ps 1983 ie    :   who wish $0obtain Gasette after 1et Tosser? ehovid apply to the
 Federal Government Printer,
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