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23 May 1985

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1985-05-23 number 27

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       I ederal‘Republic of.Nigeria
                                   ficial Gazette
      No. 27                  4                 Lagos = 23rd May, 1985                                      Vol. 72


.                              °                                                                                     Page

    Movements of Officers .        ose              a        we       as   we     oe    a6       oe    we           546-58
    Trade Dispute between National Union of Insurance and Financial Institutions Employees                             .
      (NUBIFIE) and Managementof Express Insurance Company Limited                     te    .        ae    we        558
    Trade Dispute between Shop and Distributive Senior Staff Association and
                                                                          ar l Management of Atlas
      (Nigeria) Limited ..     oes           oe     oe     os      oe                           .             ..      558
    Application under Trade Union Acts No, 31 of 1973,                     oe    ae    oe        a     ve    we       559
    Central Bank of Nigeria—Return of Assets and Liabilities as at the close of Business on
      29th March, 1985             oe      ..       a        os       o    ..    oe     .        oe    oe   ee        559.
_ Proposed Removal from the Register of Companies                     oe   oe    ae     te   we        a     ».       560
    Federal Ministry of Employment, Labour and Productivity—Vacancy                    oe        -.    ..    -.       360
    Public Notice No, 35—-Nigeria Steel Products Limited, Appointmentof a Receiver                    oe     .. 560

    Public Notice No, 36—Unicolor Photographic Laboratory Limited—Notice of Final General Meeting                     561
                                                .                 ‘

                                        Inpex To Lzcat Notice in SuPpPLIMENT

     S.I. No.                                           Short Title                                                  Page
        14      Ehssan Taofik Saimua Deportation Order 1985                     ae     eee            oe    ..      B109
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