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11 July 1985

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1985-07-11 number 36

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                                               epublic of Niigeria
                                  ificial Gazette
    No. 36                            _        Lagos-1ith July,1985                              Vol, 72
 Movements of Officers           ve       a     es    ve   ee   eae                        ws          694-707
 Trade Union Disputes -      ash        aeae  eae as      oe    ae      ee    eee           "707-08
 Air Transport (Licencing) Regulations 1965—Renewal of Permit ‘to| operate Non-Scheduled Air
   Services    .                             Lae           :         ee       es    a     -»    709
_ Application for a Licence of the Registrar of Companies - so.. oo,  .               i                   710 *
  Proposed Removal from the Register of Companies =... ol,            es         ee               -»      710
  Removal from the Register of Companies ..          ws    oe  os  oe a          .         eve 710
  Loss of Payment Voucher, No. 6 /            .     ae    ee   es  an            +         ve      > TL
“Loss of Treasury Receipt    ve   dae ee             we    we    sews       eng            oe    tee)     741
 Loss of Treasury Receipt Book ‘K/N. T. 6a            ve   ae    eas           |
                                                                            Lite           ee    ae TH
 Loss of Receipt Book .      ves          oe          +    ws    a     .    eel ae                -»      714
 Loss of Revenue Producing Documents            esos       vee         ve   tee            +e     .       711
 Loss of Cheque       ws     .            .           a    ee   ee     as   .e   .         oe     -.      712
‘High Court (Civil Procedure) Rules—Annual
                              F            Vacation        ..    os    “e   +    te       we      .. «712
 Public Notice No. 52—Grecap Nigeria Limited... ..               06.   e    tee           veeTHD
 Public Notice No. 53—~Twins Concrete Industries Limited        Sela        tee            os     o       712
 Public Notice No. '$4—Bjire Property and Investment Company Limited        o    ae             ray       3Y
- Public Notice No. 55—North-West Building Construction ‘and General Works Company Limited .              713

                            ie; INDEX TO Lacan Notice mn SuPPLEMENT

 S.No                    Share Title                               ee                                   Page
   17   Trade Dispute (National Unionof Furniture, Fixtures and Wood Workers and Managerct
    :     of Kaduna Furniture and. Carpets Company) ve                St cae.       2     .B 117
    18 Supreme Court Rules 1985 Practice Direction 6.            ee     we wos vias               ve BAM9
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