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31 July 1987

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1987-07-31 number 49

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                                                                          ‘CONT GoPY —_
                                                                               Ell MORAY

     Federal | Republic of Nigeria
                  Official Gazette
   No, 49                        Lagos ~ Beal September, 1987                                       Vol, 74

              se                                |                                                       Page
Movements of Officers            .     ares           +s                   ‘    ‘es   ae   +s         1068-83
Notice of Registration of Alteration of Trade Unions Rules                                      .        1083
Air Transport Licensing Regulations 1965                      ve    oe    a                           1083-84
Central Bank ofNigeria—Board Resolutions at its meeting held on 27th August,11987 oe       -s         1084-87
Central Bank of Nigetia—Retumof Assets and Lisbilities as at the close of Business on
  31st July, 1987                  .       .             we                                     ae       1087
Notice of Derequisition       «      +     3s      se     oe ee          es     oe    ae        .        1083
‘Tenders           cease         o      oe      oe    we       es    ee    oe    oe    a        a»    1088-90
Public Notice No. 85—Notice of Final General Meeting                 es    oe    oe    a        ss       1090
Public Notice No. 86—Appointment ofa Receiver...              ...   ee     se    ae   ae        ae       1096
                                 Inpex To Lecat Noticss iy SUPPLEMENT
                                              Short Title -                                             Pags —
  S.E 18     Petroleum Products Prices of
                                       s Automotive Lubricating Oils) (Amendment Order, 1987            B65
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