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28 January 1988

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1988-01-28 number 6

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   _ Federal Republicof Nigeria
       Official Gazette
  ONO6 "Lagos «28th January, 1988                                                             VoL 75.

                 ‘                           CONTENTS
                        oo                       |                                                  Page
                             a,     ws    s          ve   ae as      ae    tae     os   a      -- 72-81
   Movements of Officers
                                                                                   .     se    owe, 82
   Ministry of Defence—Nigerian Army —Voluntary Retirements and Promotion -
                                                                                   ae    es    as      83
  -Ministry of Defence—Nigerian Ait Force —Discharged. AirForce Officers we
                                                                                   ee    ws         83-84
  Appointment, Registration and Addition to the:List of Notaries Public A
                                                                                     by the
 - Change of Registered Office under the Trade“Gnions Act No. 31 of 1973 as Amended.           ee      84
                                                          “as   os    oe    ee
     ‘Trade ‘Unions (Amendment) Act No:22 of 1978:
                                we         cae       eos        we   ae     .      oe    oe   ee       BF
Loss of Local Purchase Order
                     oe     ae wk         nee        es   oe    Se   we     we     ae    oe    ee      85
  Loss of Receipts
                                                          as    oe    +s    sul   ee    oe          85-86
. 3 Transport Licensing Regulations 1965_ cesses
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