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2 February 1989

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1989-02-02 number 7

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    No. 7              7         -          Lagos ~ 2nd February, 1989                           Vol. 76

 Movenients of Officers...           an     we   ae      ..     ..                                 « 72-93
 Appointment, Registration and Addition to the List of Notaries Public as
                                                                                      a                 9+
 Notice of Registration of Alteration of Trade Union Rules.    re                     ee          we    94
 Registration of Insurance Companies         a                  oe     wean           se   oe     ». 94-95
 Loss. of Customs Documents:           /                       .            .     ,                . 95-96
 Examination in Law, Civil Service Rules, Financial Regulations, Police Orders
                                                                                and Instructions and
   Practical Police Work    .       oe      :     we     .     os     bee    oe     os     oe     oe    96
 Public Notice No. 6—Cofaco (Niigeria) Limited—Notice of Resolution’ for Winding
                                                                                  -up                   96
‘Public Notice No. 7—Cofaco (Nigeria) Limited—Notice of Appointment of
                                                                           Liquidator                   96
Public Notice No. 8—Application forthe Registration. of American Bureau.
  Limited as a Company Limited by Guarantee...                           of Shipping (Nigeria)
                                                    .,             .   o       te    +e                 96
Public Notice No. 9—Notice of Petition ..    “es     we    ce    oe.   ee     oe     oe     os          97
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