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24 April 1989

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 1989-04-24 number 26

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                      Offi c i a l G a z e t t e ~
  No. 26               Oo                  Lagos - 24th April, 1989                  .        Vel. 76
Government Notice No. 242
      Thefollowing is published for general iziformiation —

                                                 Nationa Honours 1989

                                                                    Federal Republic of
Israntm BapaMast BABANGIDA, cFR, fss, mni, has approved the conferment of NationalNigeria, GENERAL
      The President, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces,

following Foreign dignitaries in the Order for 9th May, 1989 in London.
                                                                                   Honours on the

                                  _   IN THE ROYAL HOUSEHOLD               _.
                       Granp ComMANDER OF THE ORDER OF THEFEDERAL REPUBLIC (G.C.F.R. Honorary)
     Her ‘Majesty Queen Elizabeth II .

                        CoMMANDER OF THE ORDER OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC (C.F.R. Honora
      TheEarl of Airlie, KT, GCVO
                                CoMMANDER OF. THE ORDER OF THENIGER (C.0.N. HoNbRiRy)
    1. The Duches of Grafton, GCVOo
    2. The Right Honourable Sir William Heseltine, GCVOQ$ KBE, A

                             OFFICER OF THE ORDER OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC (0.F.R: Honorary)
            Lieutenant-Colonel George West, CVO
   ary dp

            Rear-Admiral Sir Paul Greening, KEVO
            Lieutenant-Colonel Seymour Gilbart-Denham
            The Viscount Boyne .             :
            MrRobert Fellowes, CB, LVO

                         :      OFFICER OF THE ORDER OF THE NIGER (0.0.N. Honorary)
   1. Lieutenant-Colonel Blair Stewart-Wilson, LVO
   2. Lieutenant-Colonel Malcolm Ross, OB
   3. Mz John Parsons                            Oe
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