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14 January 2020

Nigeria Government Gazette dated 2020-01-14 number 6

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         Extr aord inar y

           Fe de ra l R ep ub lic of N·1ger1a
                  O ff ic ia l Gazette
     No. 6                             Lag os - 14th January, 2020                              Vol. 107
     Goi,emment Noti ce No. I I

        . The folJowing is publ ishe d as supp leme ntto this Gaze

    Act J{o.                                       Short 1itle                                     Page
       I Finance Act, 20 J9                                                                        Al-24

                                                                                   s, Nigeria
                    Printed and Published by The Federal Government Printer. Lago
                                              FGP 30/12020/4,200
                                                                        0 OYerseas : N60,500.00 [Surface Mail}
         Annual Subscription from Jst January! 2020 is Local : N45!000.0
                                                                  copy. Subscribers who wish to obtain Ga:ette
N75,000.00 {Second Class Air Mail]. Present issue N2!000 per
                                                                  r! Lagos for amended Subscripti ons..
after l sr January should apply to the Federal Government Printe

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