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1 January 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1959-01-01 number 2 part B

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Suppiement toOfficial Gazette No. 2 vor!46, ist January, 2989—Part B
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                  PUBLIC ORDER (AGOS) ORDINANCE, 1955 ‘
                 _             _., QNo.16 oF1955)
                       . PublicOrder (Lagos) Order, 1959
                            Commencement : 1st January, 1959
~-Walipnad it haacome to'thenotice of the Minister of Lagos Affairs, Mines
atid ‘Power (bereinafter réferréd to ag the Minister) that certain persons
intendto Organise a ceremony. purporting to be for the crowning of one
OluyeDocemeas King DocemoII of Lagos and to hold public meetings and
public processionsin Lagos in connection therewith within a period of three
months frotrthe cornmencement ofthis order :                                    \

ANDwittnkas: the Minister is. of opinion that, by reason of particular
clrcumetarices‘existing in Lagos, the powers conferred upon the Minister by
subsection(1)of section5:of the Public Order (Lagos) Ordinance, 1955 (as
adapted by theLugoe(Trahsfer of Powers and Duties) Order, 1958) will not
be. sufficient. to prevent serious public disorder being occasioned by the
holding          SRaidIntended public: meetings and public processions in

  Now titeaornin-exercise of the powers conferred by subsection (2) of
section: § of the Public Order (Lagos) Ordinance, 1955 (as adapted by the
Adaptation: of Laws Order, 1957} the Minister ofLagos Affairs, Mines and
Poworhag thade the followingorder—
  1. Thisordermayhecited4sthe Public Order (Lagos)Order, 1959.                      Citation,
  wee   te   Sg ah E    ®      :    x.   Fe      @
 All pifblic. meetings and. publi¢ processions in connection with any               Prohibition
ceremonyorintended ceremony purporting to be for the .crowning of one               of certain
Oluyé Docemoss King DocemoII of Lagos or which may reasonably be                    public and
 regarded asin connection with such ‘ceremony or intended ceremony are              processions
Kereby prohibited in Lagos-for'a period of three months from the coming             in Lagos.
into operation ofthis order.        -
  -Darapthe 24th December, 1958. -
                                      ~                 Munammapu Rmapu,
                                                       Minister of Lagos Affairs,
                                                           Mines and Power

                                   EXPLANATORY NOTE
  This orderprohibits all public meetings and processions in Lagos in con-
nection with the proposed ceremony purporting to be for th          ing  of
KingDockmo I Fe Lagos for a periodofthree ‘months.          © erownng ©
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