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8 January 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1959-01-08 number 3 part B

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   Supplement to Official Gazette1No. 3, Vol,46, 8thh January,1989-Part AYE
                                                                          Onet a
 LN, 70f1959° ete
                              1954"10 1958
       ‘Concurrent Legielatio (Designation as Federal Ordinances) Onder,1959
                            » Commencement. +Bth January,1959                    ;
        “tn ‘etetoles of thepowers conferred by: gubdection (8)of.section 57 oftheNigetia -
 (oonnatitution) Order in Council, 1954, the:‘Governot-Getieral:hasdedlared> thatthe              -
       ances: and: parte thereof. 6  fiediin’ the Schedule heretg.Shall,insofaras %
          any mattetiticludediin theConcuxrent Legislative Listscontainediin.Part] of th
  First Schedule to the said Orderin Council,have¢ffectin relationto eachyRegion'and thtf
  Southern Cameroons as if they were Laws enacted by-the Federal:Legis ature,with te
  effectfrom thedatenofpublieson ofthisOrder,-                                                    i
                  a                    " SCHEDULE
   1, Dangerous Druge Ordinance (Cap. 50).
 _ 2, Labour Code Ordinance(Cap,99).
   3. Legal Practitioners Ordinance (Cap.110) (Part 11).                 og
   4, MedicalPractitioners andDentists Ordinance (Cap. 130).
   5. Pharmacy Ordinance (Cap,169) (Patts1 and11 and sections049 and 69
   6, BilsondOrditatice(Cap. 177).                                         ~*.

   7. Quarantine Ordinance (Cap.188),
   8, Registration ofBusiness Names Ordinance (Cap.195).
   ‘9, ‘Frade Unions Ordinance (Cap. 218).                      -
_ 10, ‘TradesDisputes (Arbitration andInquiry) Ordinance (Cap. 21
  11, Workmen's Compensation Ordinance (Cap.234),
  12, Weat African Cocoa Research Institute Ordinance (No.of 1950).oe
  13. WestAfrican Institutefor TrypanosomiasisResearch (No;36 of 1950).
  14. West African Institutefor Oil PalmResearch Ordinance (No,20 of 1951).
15. West African Examinations Council Ordiriance (No. 27of 1952).
  16, SurveyOrdinance(No,29of1952)(PartsILandIED).                   :
  ‘12. Veterinary Surgeons Orditiance.(No. 300f 2952). -
  18. Antiquities Ordinance (No, 17 of 1953);     _;
  19, West African Council for Medical Research Orainaince((No. 18 of 1954).
        " ManitatLagosthis 2ndjennie 1959.
                                                                 ARR P, Newns,
                                                           . Secretary to. the Governor-General

                                      Exp.anatory Nore
   >     "PeOrdinances specifiedii thé Seliedute to. this Order are Ordinarices whichrelate,
 _ teietsott
             hepreuent Logishitive List, and they thereforewouldfall to be atnénded
  When                Y Regiotial Legislaturés,   These Ordinatices‘are howéver peculiarly:
   esigaa‘fota administration and it would. be mote convenienttherefore that they”
. sot id be subject te ainendment by thé Federal Legistature. ‘Thishas been-agreed at
- the Resumed Constitutional: Conferenice, anid by Régional Governmerits; andthe power
- gonferred by the Constivation ii s secordingly now used todeclare them to be,in effect;
  Federal Ordinances,                                                                 (iv 4)
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