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22 January 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1959-01-22 number 5 part B

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                                                                    .            B13
Supplement toOfficial Gazatte No.5, Vol, 46, 22nd Jaquary, 1959-—Part B

                       FIREARMS REGULATIONS,1959
                         ARRANGEMENT OF REGULATIONS
                             Pant I~INntropuctory
Regulation                            a
   1, Citation and commencement.
  2. Interpretation.

        .                  Part I1-—Licengino, etc.             £
  3, Duration and renewal oflicence, etc;                      _
  4, Register of firearms and licences,
  5. Issue of permitsfor withdrawal of firearm from armpury and purchase
       of ammunition.                             .
  6. Firearm withdrawn from armoury to be producedto licensingauthority.
 7. Making of firearma,              .
  8 Applitant for licence for personal firearm to apply to his Jocal licensing
  9, Procedure on non-renewal or revocation of licence or. permit or on
       disposal of'firearm.                                             So
 10. Procedure when holder of licence leaves Nigeria.
 11, Returns. .

                       ~ Parr Til—Sarx AND TRANSFER .
 12, Application for registration as ficearms dealer.
 13, Construction of registered dealer's armoury.
 14. Appointment of watchmen,
 15, Inspection by person incharge,
 16. Records to be kept by a registered firearms dealer.
 17, Withdrawal of firearms and ammunition from registered dealer’s arm-

    .                    Pant IV—Pusiic-ARMOuRIES
"18, Records to be kept at public armoury.        .        ‘
_ 19, Permit for owner to inspect and maintain firearms and ammunition
     - deposited in public armoury,
  20, Withdrawal of firearms antl ammunition from public armoury. _

                        Part V—IMport AND Export
 21. Deposit of importedfirearms and ammunition in public armoury.
22. Declarationby importers.                          7
23, Cost of transmission offirearmsor ammunition throughofficial channels.
24. Duration of transit permits, .
25. Escorts to consignments of firearmsor ammunition,
26. Police guard at request of customs officer,
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