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12 February 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1959-02-12 number 11 part B

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 Supplementta Official Gazette No. di, Val; 46, 13th February, 1959-—Part B
LN, 45 of 1959                    ey                            OS
           Regulations providing Superannuation Benefits for
                        Non-Pensionable Employees
                     Commencement : 12th February, 1959
  In exercise of the powers conferred upon the Boardof Managementof the
University College Hospital by sectian 15 (2) {P of the University College
He         Fj   06, 1952, the following regulations are, with the approval of
the Governor-General, herehy made—                         we.
  1, These regulations may be cited as the University College Hospital                   Citation’
(Gratuities and Allowances) Regulations, 1958 and shall be deemed to have                and com- *~
come into force asfrom the sixteenth dayof October, 1952, -                              mencement,

 ' 2, All persons who have heen employed by the Board otherwise than in a                Persons
pensionable appointment, their legal     personal representatives, estates, relatives:   eligible for
or widows and children,areeligible,at the discretion of the Board, to be paid            payment of
gratuities, allowances or other retiring benefits in accordance with these gratuities
regulations.                                                               and other
   3. For the purpose of these regulations,         persons employed by the Board
shall be dividedinto                             ves                    BY the           Classifica-
                                                                                         tion of
     (@) Eatablished Employees whoshall consist of all non-pensionable                   employees. .
   employees who are paid from the personal emoluments votes pf the
  Hospital ; and              :                                          » f       .
    (8) NoneEstablished Employees who shall consist of all othe                  non-
  pensionable employees,                                        |

                    Parr 11—-Estapiisuzp Emproyees
  4, Subject to the provisions of regulations 8, 9 and 10 of these regulations,          Annual
annual allowances may be granted to established employees with salaries                  allowances
exceeding £50 por annum, but less than £225 per annum, who have conti-                   for estab-
nuously served in Nigeria for fifteen years either (a) in the public service of          lished «
the: Federation or (6) in the public service of any Region thereof or (c) in the         employces.
service of the Ibadan District Council or the Ibadan Native Authority andlor
(d) in the service of the Hospital: =
  Providedthat no allowance shall be granted under these regulations to any =
employeswho hasbeen granted a pen8: on in accordance with the provisions
of regregulation 12 (1) of the -Regulations made under the Non-Euro ean -
Officers Pensions Ordinance, ° -     ;:              va                  Pt    Cap. 160.

  5, Annual allowances shall be calculated as follows :-—                    Calculation
   : (@) in respectofservice priortothe Ist day of January,  1946, the ani     of Annual
                                        basis o         ary:          annual
  anoe will be computed onthe                   1/960th of the final retiring Allowances,              |
      luments for esch month of service ;
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