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19 February 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1959-02-19 number 14 part B

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Supplementto Offictal Gazette No. 14, Vol. 46, 19th February, 1959—Part B
L.N. 51 of 1959
                  ANTIQUITIES ORDINANCE,1953
                             (No. 17 oF 1953)          :
          Antiquities (Monuments) Declaration Notice, 1959 ~
                   Commencement : 20th February, 1959
  Wuergas. the Antiquities Commission has submitted an application in
accordance’ withsubsection(4) of section 14 of the-Antiquities Ordinance,
1953 (heteinafter: referred to as the Ordinance) for the declaration as a
monumentof the antiquity as set forth in the Schedule to this notice;
  Anp wuergas the application has been considered by the Governor-General .
in Council:
  NowtHersforg in exercise of the powers conferred by subsection (5) of
section 14 of the Ordinancethe Governor-Gencral, after consultation with |
theCouncil of Ministers, hereby gives the following notice—
  1. This notice may be cited as the Antiquities (Monuments) Declaration        Citation.
Notice, 1959...  -         ns
2. The antiquity set forth in the Schedule to this notice ia declared to be a   Declaration -
monument,               Ce                                                      of Monu-

               Boy           re                             :

            “ee                SCHEDULE
  A strip ofland, on the casternside of the Ife-Ilesha Roadat the place on
the edge of Ife Town known as Ita Yemoo, measuring approximately 1,585
feet by 400 feet, and following the building line of the Ife-Ilesha Road from
beacon No, 2156 in » southerly direction to the point where the inner wall.
meets the Ife-Iesha Road, >
  Manx at Lagoa this 14th day of February, 1959. .

                                                  _ Maurice JENKINS,
              -                               Acting Deputy Secretary to the
                         ;              s                  of Ministers
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