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2 March 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1959-03-02 number 15 part B

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        |                            oo                       |                             B101
 Supplementto Officlal Gazette Extraordinary No, 15, Vol. 46, 28th February,              =
                                 -                                1959—Part B
 LN. 55 of 1959                  ee                                       |

                                     COUNCIL, 1958
   Elections (Houseof Representatives) (Temporary Modification) |
                         Regulations, 1959      ce         :
                        Commencement : 28thFebruary, 1959 -
  ‘In exercise ofthe powers conferred by aéction.5. of the Nigeria (Electoral
Provisions) Order in Council, 1958, the Governor-General after consultation
 with the Council ofMinisters, has madethe following rogulations—      —- -
     1, "These regulations may be. cited as theElections (House of Representa- - Citation,
_ tives) (Temporary Modification) Regulations, 1959,               a              mT
   2, Notwithstanding that a day or a date may-have ‘been appointed for the | Governor-
    urpose of sub-paragraph (4) or (¢) of paragraph (1) of regulation 23 of the General may
   dections (House of Representatives) Regulations,’ 1958, by the Electoral vogitration
‘ Commission, the GovernorsGeneral may appoint some: subsequent day OF in certain
  date in reapect of registrationareasin thé Southern Cameroons and in respect’ limited case.
- ofthefirst registration, of clectors to take place after the: commencement of L-N. 117 of
 such regulations, if it shall seem expedient so to do, and in such case any.           1958,   .
 notices isaued in the Southern Cameroons in accordance with paragraph (1)
 of regulation 25 of such regulations shall be republished with any necessary
 cofrections.                 .                     -         .
   Mane at Lagos this 27th day of February, 1959.
                                                .   + Maurice Jenkins,        .    \
                                               Acting Deputy. Secretary to thé
                                        y            Council of Ministers

                        -   - Expnanatory Nore          °
   This temporary modification of the electoral regulations is to permit a
postponement of the dates for registration of voters in the Southern Came-
roons in view of a request for such postponement made by the House of
Assembly of the Southern Cameroons. It is proposed that registration shall
now commence on the 5th April, in lieu of the 2nd March, 1959,
(Ee. 16)            .       xy

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