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26 March 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1959-03-26 number 20 part B

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      .    me,                   .                                     |         .        B 137,

. Supplementto Official Gazette No.20, Vol. 46, 26th March, 1959-—Part B
" L,N.66 of 1959°
               Revocation of designation of officers under Part nr.
                           of the Second Schedule                 fo
                          Commencement : 26th March, 1959 .
    Tn exercise of the powers conferred by Part II of the Second Schedule
 to the Official Oaths Ordinance, the Governor-General has revoked the -                  :
 designation of theofficers of the Nigeria Police Force specified in Gazette (Vol. IX, p.
 Notice No,95 of 1920 as officers to be included in PartII of the said Schedule. 165)'
      Lagos, 19th March, 1959,                      |

                                                         MLB. Hatt,          00
                                                        Acting Secretary tothe       —~



                  Lk                |            ee
                            EXPLANATORY Nore. eo
 -_-Bection IE of the Police Ordinance. (Chapter. 172) as'amended by the
 Law Revision (Miscellancous Amendments) Ordinance, 1958, requires all
_ Members of the Police Force of or above the rank of.cadet sub-inspector
 to take the Oath of Allegiance and the Official Oath'presctibed:bythe Official
 Oaths Ordinance (Chapter 163).. Toavoid duplication the designation of
 “certain police officers under the Official Oaths Ordinance as officers. to’
 whom that Ordinance appliesis nowrevoked.

                                                            pe ant
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