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16 April 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1959-04-16 number 24 part B

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 Supplemant ta Official Gazatfo No, 4, Val. 46, 16th Aptil, 1959--Part B

 LN. 97 of 1959               a                                           ne
  _ ‘The following Order of Her Majesty in Council has been published inthe
 United Kingdom as Statutory Instrument No. 2187. of 1958 and is, re-
 published for imformation.                           rer
            Tho Colonial Air Navigation (Amendment) (No. 2) :
                                       Order, 1958                        ‘
           Made ..           se        una             —‘19th December, 1958
           Laid before Parliament ..4.      30th December, 1958
           Coming into Operation .. °°)... 3. [st March, 1959
  At the Court at Buckingham Palage,’the 19th day of December, 1958
                                   >    Present,
                The Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty in Council
  Her Majesty, in pursuanceof the powers conferred upon Her by the Civil
  Aviation Act, 1949(a), and the Colonial Civil Aviation (Application of Act)
. Order, 1952(b), and ofall other powers enabling Herin that behalf, is pleased,
   by and with the advice of Her Privy Council, to order and it is hereby
 " ordered, as follows ~~
    L=-(1) This Order may be.cited asthe Colonial Air Navigation (Amend-                Citation,—
  ment) (No. 2) Order, 1958,‘and shall be construed as onewith the Golonial              and com-
  Air Navigation Orders, 1955 to 1957(c) and the Colonial Air. Navigation               mencement..
  (Amendment) Order, 1958(d),                    ee            OO
    (2) Article1 ofthe Colonial Air Navigation (Amendment) Order, 1958, is __
  hereby amended by the deletion ofparagraph (2).
    (3) The Colonial Air Navigation Orders, 1955-to 1957, the Colonial Air
  Navigation (Amendinent) Order, 1958, and this Order may be cited. together
  as the Colonial Air Navigation Orders, 1955 to 1958.                         7
    (4) This Order shall come intooperation on thefirst day of March,- 1959.
    2. Schedule ITI to the Colonint Air Navigation Order, 1955(e), is hereby            Amendment
_ amended as follows                               ‘                                    of the |
                                                                                        Colonial” .
      (a) for sub-paragraph (1) (6) of paragraph 3 there is. substituted the            Air Naviga-
    following :-—~                                                                      tion Order,
         “(b) make report by delivering to theproperofficer :—                          1955.           |
           {i) the documents constituting the clearance outwards of the
         aircraft from the airport which it last left and, if so required by the
       . Officer, any documentrelating to the aircraft or to goods or passengers
         carried therein,                                                -
            (ii) % genoral declaration in. duplicate in. an approved form,
            (iif) a manifest in duplicate in an approved form of the goods on
         board the gircraft,                                               a
           (ie) if required by tho officer, a passenger manifest in an approved
         form containing the namics ofall passengers carried in the aircraftand = |
         their places ofembarkation and destination, and
            (v) a list in duplicate in an approved form of the stores on board the. -
         aircraft :""
       (6) for sub-paragraph(2) ofparagraph 5 thereis substitutedthe following
    sub-paragraph ¢ «-                             |

    (ay 12, 43 & 14 Geo. 6.0.67.        = (b). SI. 1952/868 (1952 I, p. 565),
      (oe) Su 955/711, 1956(618, 1957/99, 1957/1741 (1955 T, p, 351; 1986 I, p. 472 ;
          1987 1p 386),    ¢ y S21, 1988/288.    (eo) SI. 1993/717 (1955, p.381).
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