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30 April 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1959-04-30 number 26 part B

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                            oe                wow                          :                                      B228
         Supplementto Official Gazette No, 26, Vol, 46, 30th April, 1959—Part B
        LNLOS of 1959
                                      - PENSIONS ORDINANCE, 1951
                                                (No. 29:081951)                 .
              Pensions (Officors Transferred to Certain,Statutory Corporations) -
                            o                   Rogulations, 1959          o,
                                          Commencement ¢1st July, 1956 -                       ;
              In exercise of the powers conferred by soction 3 of the Pensions Ordinance,
          1951, the Governor-General, with the sanction of the Secretary of State, has
        _ made the following regulations—        .                      ti.          ?
‘1. These xegulations may be cited as the Pensions (Officers Transferred Citation and-
_ to Certain Statutory Corporations) Regulations, 1959, and shall be deemed~ .commence-
  to have come into operation on the Ist July, 1956,                       “ meni
-           & These regulations shall applyonly to an officer transferred from the ‘Application. .
               serviceof the Federationto service withany ofthe following corpora-. >.

                The Electrielty Corporation of Nigeria ©                       a                   ye
                The Nigerian Railway Corporation                                                yj
                The Nigerian Ports Authority ~                a                          Ly,
          3. In the application ofthe Pensions Regulations, 1951(hereinafter referred — Modification
        to as the principal regulations) to-att officer to whom theseregulations apply ofPensions
        the principalregulationsshall be read and construed as if—                      Te              ‘Regulations,
                (a) inpategraph (1) of regulation9—                   oS      '      “)  Scheditleto -
                   (i) the words “and his aggregate public service would have qualified Trdigmnes
                himhad it been wholly in the Federation for a pension under the “1951,
              . Ordinance” were deleted; =:                                             ate
                ~ (ii) the words“for which he would have been eligible’? were deleted’
                and the following substituted therefor—.                             Oo             :
                  . “which would have accrued. (whether or not his aggregate public
    .             servicewould havequalified himfor a persioniunderthe Ordinance)” 5.
  _-. (b) in paragraph (2) of regulation 9the words “for which anofficer would *
   . have’been eligible” were deleted-and the following substituted therefor—
tf       ‘whichwould have accrued” +          8        or
          , (c) for regulation 12 there were substituted thefollowing regulation—
        “Giratultion               ‘12. Where. an: officer to whom this Part applies retires from
        ialieuof          the public service in circumstances in which he is permitted
        Paruion..          by the law or regulations ofthe public service in which he is                 -
          ,          '.         Jagtemployed to retireon pension. or gratuity, he may be.                    ~)
                                granted in respect ofhispublic. service with: the: Federation,
                                liew of a pension,-agratuity not exceedirig one-quarter of
                          ". the aggregate amountof his pensionable emoluments. during
                             his public service withthe Federation calculated:in accordance -
                             with the provisions ofregulation 92",                  Pp
        ~Mixou at Lagos this28th day of April, 1959.                    fo                                hes
                                                                     A. FUR. PL Newns,
                                                              Secretary tothe'Governor-General
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