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25 June 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1959-06-25 number 39 part B

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        f    :   2     ,                .       I                         A .        ,         .              .

        OS                          i                                Done            2               8295
      Soppfenient to Official GadhiaNo. 29.V
                                           Vol, 46, 25th June, 1959—Part B               °

| LN:148of1989                              °
                            1954 To 1959
             Adaptation ofLaws (UntawfulSocieties) Order,1959.                                       yo
                                Consitnerment 25th Fine, 1959                                yo
                                 anferked by section 75 of the Nigeria Constitu- 4                                “
          (Gisandinend5 Orde:
                           ordin,Toone 1959, the Governor-General {consade -:; .                           i
      iefollowing Order-—~
   ~ 1, This Ordermay becitedas the Adaptation of Laws (Unlawful Societies)-« Citation ‘and
  - Order, 1959, and. (sofar as the context permits) has application throughoyt’ “application.
  : the Federation.                                                                 fe ga
 |.     2,. The existing law apecified ii n the Schedule shall be read andconstrued “Adaptation. 2
  - with the adaptations and modifications specified ii n suchSchedule,                  ’ Schedule.
        3 Sections 5 and 6of the Adaptation of Laws Order, 34 shalt applyiin. " Savings. ay
' respect of the adaptations and-modificationa effected hereby as fullyas - 1558,131 of”
'.. thoughsuchadaptations and modifications Were
                                            ¥    setout inthe Third Schedule    oo
   to that Order,                                                            - of :

                                                                                |        “gf

                              CrimInaL Coot OrpINANCE(Car. 42)
      Section 624.
       The Code contained in the Schedule to the Ordinance is amended by the. & .
7 insertion ufter section 62 ofthe following new section—
: “Unlewfut - 62a. Without prejudice to the provisions of ‘section, 62, a.
  Reginein society is an unlawful society ifit is declared by an orderofthe
      Regions.       Governorin Council of a Regionto be a society dangerous to the °                 i.
 os                  goodgovernmentof the Region or of any part thereof, and for:
                     such purpose

                           (a) the congent of the Attorney-General of the Federation

                      referred toin section 65 shall be construed as a reference to:
                                                                                             woh ”

                      consent of the Director of Public Prosecutions of the Region
                     ~ of the Attorney-General of the Northern Region, as the case -
                       may be, and      *
                         (6) the references in sections. 67 and 68 to the Governor- * =,
                       General and to the Governor-General in Council shall be" . °-
                     - donatrited as references to the Governor and -Governor in
                     ~ Councilof the Region concerned.”.              oo

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