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1 July 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1959-07-01 number 33 part B

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                         .                          |                                     B267
                                              No, 33, Vol 46, ist June,1959 A
 Supplement to Official Gazette Extraordinary

LN, 134 of 1959                   7           ae                               -
         Bee           (No.29 oF 1950) os
 Nigerian Coal Corporation (Variation of Constitution) Order, 1959
        | Cotnmencement + Ist Jute, 1959                                             ne

 Inexercise of the powars conferred by section 33 of the Nigerian Coal -                   '
  Corporation Ordinance, 1980, the Governor-General, after consultation with «= 4.” .
  the Couscil of Ministers, has madethe following order—          .        .
    1, ‘This Order maybe cited as the Nigerian Coal Corporation (Variation of . Citation. .
  Constitution) Order, 1959,                   te
    2. The first schedule to the Nigerian Coal Corporation Ordinance, 1950,          Amendment
  is amended by the addition to paragraph1 ofthe following sub-paragraph offirst
      (3). TE the Chairman is absent from Nigeria or is from any other cause 1950ann.
    prevented from or incapable of discharging the functions of his office, Vols P.271. t-
    another person may be appointed to that office in accordance with the
    provisions of section 3, and for the purpose of the exercise of any function
    conferred upon: the holder of that office the person last appointed shall be
    deemed’ from the date that the appointment is effective to be the sole
   holder of the Office.”

   . Mani at Lagos this Ist of June, 1959,

                                                           Maurice JENKINS, |.
                   ee                               Acting Deputy Secretary to the
                                      40            CouncilofMinisters



                               ExpLanatory Nore
     This’ minor variation of the constitution of the Coal Corporation will
  enable 4 new appointment of Chairman to be made while the Chairman is on
  leavepending retirement, or when forany other cause the holderofthat post is
  incapable of discharging the functions ofhis office.”    «

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