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2 July 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1959-07-02 number 40 part B

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    Supplement to Official Gazette Noi 40, Vol. 46, 2adJuly, 1959—Part B                  a             we

    LN, 149 0f 1959                                                                       a
                  - Recan FORCES: ORDINANCE (CHAPTER 119)
                    - EstablishmentofCadetUnits Order,11959.                         oth
                              Commencement s Ist Jane, 1959- nrer
      Ia axiroise of the powors conferredby section 59. of the Local’ Forcesan Ee)
    Ordinancetha Governor-Generalhasmadethefollowingordeor— 8                                       j
.     1, This Order may be cited as the Establishment of Cadet Units Ord,aCitation and
    1959, and shalf be.of Federal application.                            application.
                                                                                   ‘3 .

    " 4, "Thera shall -be deemed to have been. estublished Katsina Provincial ‘Betablish-:
    Secondary School Cadet UnitofProvincialSecondary School,Katsina with mentaf
    effectfrom JatJune, 1959... -                                ee     : Cadet Units.
     - Darenthis22ndday ofJune, 1959,                           a   wes
           Boos   a       ;     :   :   +            A,F F. P Newns,           .

                                                 Secretary tothe:Goverpar-General“4
    perio                                    .                to

    LN, 150of. 1959.                ns
.                  INCOMETAX ORDINANCE (CHAPTER 62).                       .
      “Income Tax (Exemption ofContractGratuities) (Certain West
           ao.        AfricanStatutory Bodies) Order, 1959.            pO
                        * CommencementsistApril,959
      In exercisa ‘of the powers conferred. by subsection (4) of section 9 of the of ¢
    Tnoomie Tageatinance {aa amendedby the Income Tax (Amendment)
    Ordisance, 1958),the Governor-General, afterconsultation with. the Council -
    of Miniaters, has made the following Order—                                  oS
     miniite) This order may be citedas the Income Tax (Exemption of Contract Citation,
    Gratui as)(Cecertain West African Statutory Bodies) Orden 1989, and shall eommence-
    have, effect from the ist April, 1959,                                   . ment
                                                                               appli                    .
       72)This Otder shall be of Federal application.                                     vers
      2 Tn this order                              oe                  Interpreter
      . “Body”means any oneof théstatutory bodiesincorporated by one of 0M
      -thefollowing Ordinances, naniely :-—                            ae
        West African Institute for ‘Trypanosomiasis Research,Ordinance, ‘No, 36 of
           50,                                                          1950,
            West African Inatitute for Oil Palm Research Ordinate 1951,               : No2 of
            Weat African: Councilfor Medical Research Ordinance, 1954;                    istis of
        “amployee" means an employes under a contractof service with a Body,
     “3, Whore any gratulty de payableto an emaployee or a former employee, Grantof
     y the Government of the Federationof Nigeria, in respectof services ¢xemptio
    rendered in Nigeria by himto a Body and describedasa gratuity¢ither in 9.
    hia contract of sevice with thatBodyorin-sonte otherdocumentisstied by
    or on behalf of that Body dn conriection with that contract, then, subject to
    the following provisions of this. Order, auch gratuity shall be exci from
    ‘tay                                                .
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