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22 July 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1959-07-22 number 44

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      Federationof Nigeria
         Official Gazette —_
   No. 44                      mo       LAGOS ~22nd July, 1959                oe                    Vol. 46
 Government Notice No, 1490
     ‘The following is published as Supplement to this Gazette:—                     Co
          LN, 162 of 1958-—Nigerian Navy (Transfer of Control) (No. 2) Order, 1959,

                                                             . By His Excellency's Command,

                                                                           A. G. il. Ganvnun-Brown, +
                                                                    ‘Actitig Secretary to. thaGovernor-Gentral,
                                                                         andta theHigh Comunissioter for |
Lagos, 22nd July, 1959.                                                      the Southern Cameroons f

          “Printed and Published by theFederal GovernmentPrinter, Nigeria. - 2105/759/5300
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plement) 4d        copy. New Sunteae alter Ist ,smuanySontd-applytetenes Goreme Printer for ing renaidingSup-
til the end of the year,          -                                                ..
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