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23 July 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1959-07-23 number 45 part B

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Supplement to Official Gazotte No.48, Vol. 46,23rdjuly, 195%Bart, tok

LN, 168 of 1959                        jetia Fare                      aoe
|                    MINERAL OILS ORDINANCE(CHAPTER135)
               Mineral Oils(Safety)(Amendment) Regulations,1959-
                       — Contencement 23rd July, 1959
     In exercise of the Howars ‘cenferhedby:dsetion 9of.thé MinetalOils
Ordinance the Governor-General, aftor consultation with! the Council of                           ot
Ministers, has madethe following regulations—                                 .   J

     1. These regulations may “be cited as the Mineral Oils (Safety) Citation and”
    “ee Regulations, 1959, and shall be of Federal application.      application:
                                                                           Amends :
          Regulation 20 ofthe Mineral Qile: (Safety) Regulations, 1952, is regulatio
    amended bythe revocation of payageaph (2) and the substitution therefor          n4
    of the following paragraph—                                     _                       requlkton. «:
          “(2) Forthe purposes ofthis regulation ¢ rious injury” mean 5                     Regulations

               (a) afcactired skull;pelvis,sm, orthigh; or sping, forearm orleg; °°
               (8) a dislocated shoulder ;"             E

                the amput
            {c} hand,                 armao
                               of an. ot;
                          ationgorfo          r hand;
                                                 =   |             ' or more
                                                      or of ane finger   ee    e.
          same        or ofale
               (d) the Ides of the sight of an eye;
            {e) any other serious bodily injury, including internal haemorrhage,
          or burns or asphyxia, if such injury is likely to endanger life, cause
          pormanentincapacity or impair efficiency substantially”. 1

      Maps at Lagos the 7th dayof July, 1959.                           ‘             a .

                                                             "Maurice Jenxrns,
                                                            Acting DeputySecretary to thé
                                                                 Conneil of Ministers

      *   ay          a   .:      “   fo.     a   ist        at.

     a                 .-. Expnanarory Note, 7.
     Regulation 20 ofthe MineralOils-(Gafety) Regulations,“ 1952, requires
    acoldents oveurring in connection with mineral oil operations tobe reported
    if death or serious injury ensues, That regulation is amended to bring the
    definition of “serious injury’ into line with, the definition of that expression
    contained in section 96 2 the Minerals Ordinance (as substituted’ by the
    Minerals (Amendment) Ordinance, 1958).          ;         a        .
    ao r (                        ,                                  $MO1237/8.1/23
           J     :                                          Be
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