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6 August 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1959-08-06 number 48 part B

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                                                                                               7 pBaHs
  Supplementto Oficial Gazotte No. 48, Vol.46, 6th ene at

 LN. 173 éfiass"-                                                      fai
     LOCAL ‘LOANS:(aecisrtenteseeealsSicunmuss)
       (oonal) auras‘ORDINANCE(CHAPTER4%)
                          C2Ue opts
                                          weltazts At
      Local LoanFederationof‘Nigeria Development Loan,1979)
                          a _DieseetbilWo:%1939”

   " Waimneas bythe Loan (InternalBorrowing) Ordinance, 1958, theGavétiior . a
»: Ganteabiseautherited to:spiea Jonnor losrisin,Nigeria nobiexoeeding it a ts
PEARRRORAI:toai AE:Dwenty: Million, Powtids 3:+:.
    AND WI
 ” Sage
                     ieis tlso provided in the said Ordinance
              ‘tei         i ny linerprovided by:théFastal:Ta ins |
"Stock iedSeta)Drdttiaiee |

    AND WHmEas by the Local Loan (Federation of Nigeria Developmer

  Loan, 197      Directions, 1959,it was specified that a loan of one million
  pounds shall bo raised!‘on thetermi thefein specified :
  “sbi WHEREASit ig ex pedient to increase the amountof the‘loan‘by thre

‘Anungeed andfifty-five t ousand, three hundred. and sixty-pqunds;fet a
  NowTHEREFORE inexercise ofthepDavee“eontgrted upértheMinister. by
. section 5 oftheLoe Loans (RegisteredStO aneSecuritis) Ordinance the
_ following directions are given—-
“S-B¢These directions may becitedisvLeal‘foan (Federation of Nigeria                            Citation and
 Development Loan, 1979) (No. 2)’Dineetitiony1 198, and shall be of Federal                     application.
 nopttcation.                                  ageeel
                                                   7   8

  2."Phe loan raised unde the LittLoan,[Fedefation of Nigeria Develop-                           Increase of
 “ment Loan, 1979) Directions, 1959, (hereiinttéereferred to as the Principal                  ‘ amount of
"Dicections) shall beincreased to onethillion,‘thiee hundred and fifty-five                      loan.
 “thousand, three hundred ang: sixty"-pourids.
   3, "Phe provisions of the PrincipalDieting shal: apply to the additional                    pplication
“umount raised under these ‘directlins ‘ts’ they npply
                                                  np:  to the amount of one                          N. 102,
  miltion poutrds-taidéd underthe:Prinielpal:‘Diwetions.           :                            of1959,
   Biv at Tangos¢his asth day’of,

                              eae bed
                                  Dae        .ielnittebepLage
                                                            asaoealMines and
                      :    nagee Sg ere
                          VRBSLo hak      wid -PorerCFempordviychiatged with
                                                  respon,Sor:the ‘abovematters)
                                                       = aad
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