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20 August 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1959-08-20 number 53 part B

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.                                        .      tes                                                 B369
" Supplement (0 Official GazetteNo, £3, Vol. 46, 20th August, 1959—Paxt B                      Go
    LN,180 of 1959                           Pee
                 “4954 TO: 1959, *
           Exclusive Legislative List (Declaration of Federal Ports)
                              (No,2) Order, 1959          oO
                           Commencement : 20thAugust, 1959
      In exercises ofthe powore conferred by itm 22 of Part I of the Firat Schedule
    bsthe Nigeria (Conatitution) Order in Council, 1954, the Governor-General,
      or consultation with the Council of Ministers, has made the following
    Order—      —            ,       :              .            :       .                      ¥

       1. This Order may be cited as the Exclusive Legislative List (Declaration               Citationand
    of Fedorel Ports) (No. 2) Order, 1959, and shall be of Federal application,                application.
       2. The following portis declared to-be a Federal Port for the purpose of the Declaration
    Nigeria (Conatitution) Ordersin Council, 1954 to 1959.                                     ofFederal
                                 _ Bonny
      Mans at Lagoe this 13th day of August, 1959.

                                                a               Maurice JENKINS,
                                                        _ Acting Deputy Secretary to the                   t
                                                               Council of Ministers        -               :

                                     ExpLaNAtory Nott
       The effect of thie Ordéris that Bonnyin addition to Lagos and ‘the nine’
    porte specifiedin Legal Notices 3 and 17 of 1955,and Legal Notice 139 of 1959
    will become the subjectof Federal Legislative control as a Federal Port.
| (T1638)
    L.N. 181 of 1959                                                         :
                    NIGERIAN NAVY(AMENDMENT) ORDINANCE, 1959
                                             Appointed Day Notice
         Approval has been given by HerMajesty the Queen to the provisionsof the Nigerian
     Navy (Amendment) Ordinance, 1959, made in accordance with the Colonial Naval
     Defonce Acts, 1931 and 1949, and in accordance with section 1 ofthe said Ordinance the
     Goverrior-Generalhas appointed the 20th August, 1959, as the day on which the said
     Ordinance shall comeinto operation,                                           .
         Davethe 12th August, 1959,”
                       :         ns                                   A. G. H, GARDNER-Brown,                  .
                            re                                Acting Secretary to the Governor-General +.
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