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27 August 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1959-08-27 number 54 part B

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 Supplement to Official Gazette No. ‘54, Vol. 46, 27th August, 1989°-PartBe, : te BEEet

L.N. 182 of 1959. e.2s pA                abeteeb EPR           eet ee ee           |
                      CUSTOMS:TARIFF-ORDINANCE, 1958)
                     Ro gly
                                  edNG:-60:081958) eed es            etgsgp gtdF
        Customs Tariff (Dutivd:sindExbniptiona) (AmendmentNo.5)
                                                                  od Fe

                 MaTteAngst 3959-31 +6 of the
   © Caitncomdtrredbysubse                    2 gt
                           ction w of section
   In exorcluo of the poworsconfe
 Customs. Tatlf Ordinance, 1958, the Governor-General, after consultatio n|

 withthe Cousioilof Ministers, has made the following Orders oe: bb) 2ae?                1

   1, This Order maybe cited'as theCustomsTariff (Duties and Exemptions) " Citation,
. (Amgndment No. 6) Order,1989, 53                                                                       -
    9, The Second Schedule to the Customs Tariff Ordinance, 1958 (whieh © Aniéndnienc
 gelates te exemptions from. import. duties. of Customs), asthe same was... ofSecond
 seplaced by the Customs Tariff (Duties and Exemptions) Order, 1959, i8+ PN60 of
 amended by the deletion of sub-item-(3) of item 45and the substitution Hes
 therefor ofthe followings: gee fiides cod g ene.                                              EN. 84 of

         “(3) Dirtomaric Priviceasp Imbortations, ‘namely-—The furniture
   and oifects (which exparesin shall includea motorvobicle) of, any person, ,
   not being anative ofNigeria, who lewn official of an ofgatisation declared
   by notice in the Official:Gaxetieto'beanorganiaation of which Her Ma-                             ;
   jesty’s Governmentinthe United Kingdomand the Governments of one
 > “or mote soveraign Powersae members,‘atthe timetht such pérson first“°°:
  . takes tip his post in Nigeria’ s- oS                              DEE     oobirb                          de

   Mane at Lagos thie29¢h.day ofAugust; 1959,                                      oe Bs,

                                             i; Acting Deputy Secretary to the
                                               o,, Souncilof Ministers

                                                                          eR a         oo ee

                                                   fee   lee                                    if

        'This Order extendsto all officials of the SpecialitedApenciés'of UIN.O.,; |”                              ’
  the exemptions from import dutiesin respect of their furniture and effects -
"previously grinted onlyts highofficials of the.Agencies.                              2
 Rios                                            po
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