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17 September 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1959-09-17 number 58

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     Supplomont to Official Gazette No, 58,Vol, 46, 17th September, 1959—Pert]B

     LN.208 0f1989 6 a
      ‘The following Statutory ‘Instrument has:‘heen: oudintid                                   ;
     Kingdom, The provisions of the principal ‘| Order Which:.eiare
                                                              it    get                      -r,.r
     out at page FSTin the 1939Annual ‘Volumea3ametidedbyLiN. BZof.1956,
                                      1959 No. 1310     fe, is fe aayth
                           “OVERSEAS.TERRITORIES_         my
                    ‘TheEmeetey Powers(Aniéndaient)0
                                                   Orderin aon
                                      Council, 1959.”                   ‘
            «Madar            go ee           ne,_Bieuly,1989 2
                Laidbefore,Parliamenttegpel   pe oem 4th Augusty.eB
               . Coming intaOperation «2      ae      . 5th August,19
                    Atthe:Courtof Saint Jamies, thesauday‘ofJoly, 1989.
                “                 bet, BARON gas                            —_                           be

                      “TeeMajesty Queen Elizabeth.The Queen Mother .4 cg (TE,
                    . Her Royalio‘The Princess Alexandra of Kent: Ma na Eo.
                     Lord President              .    Mr Brooke’
           ~ Earl ofSelkirk            oe 0 MieAubrey:Joites ay         ne
       ikonHeMajesty,in incr           ofthe Regency Acts, 1937to 1933,vas
             Letters Patent dated the fifteenth day of June, 1959, to.delegate
     to the follooring Counsellors of State’ (subjectto the exceptionshereinafter \
     mentioned) or any two or more of them; that is to say, His Royal Highriess.
     PringsPhilip, Buke ofEdinburgh,Her.Majesty QueenElizabeth: Th ies
     Mother Het: Royal Highness ‘The Princess. Margaret, His‘ Roya                ess.
     The Duke of Gloucester, His Royal’Highness ‘TheDukeof 3Rint ae Her
     Royal Highness The Princess ‘Alexandra’of Kent, fall:poweratidauthority
      during the period of Her Majesty's’‘absence fromthe Uilited ‘Kingdomto
    _ Raramon dnd hold on Her:Majesty’'#behalf:Her Privy:Council:-indtoidignify
     thereat Her Majesty's approva for anything for whiehHerid Majesty’ approval
     in Council is required :                                      iy       faa          .
       And Whereas Her Majesty was5 further pleasedtoexcept from,thenumber                           \
     of the said Counsellors of State His Royal Highness PrincePhilip, Duke of
     Edinburgh, and His Royal Highness The Duke of Ketitand“Her Royal
|    Highness. The Princess Alexandra of Kentwhile abseftt:Sethe:‘the United
      Now, therfore, Hex Majesty Queen Blizabeth The Queen Mother and
     Her Royal Highness: The Princess Alexandra of Kent, being: authorised
     thereto bythe said Letters Patent, and in pursuance of the powers, conferred
     by theoxby Settlements Acts, 1887 and 1945(a), the Foreign Jurisdiction .
                        end otherwise do hereby, by an ‘withtheadvice‘of Her
     Mleet ‘Council, onHer Majesty’8 behalf order, and: it is hereby
               , 28 follows :—~                                                          _—
     warn This Order may be’citedlas “the Emergency Powers (Amend: Citation,
     ment) Order in- Council, 1959; and ‘shall ‘be construed. as one with the — construction
     Emergency Powers Orders int Council; 1939-and 1956,                             S mencement, -
     (2 The Emergency Powers Orders in Council,’1939-and: 1956, ard.this Mg                          ee
     feel maybecitod togetheragi the Emergency Powers ‘Orders ity Conpell oo
          te            fe
     _ (3)This Order shal comeinto operition on thefifth dayof August, 1 159.* a .
      “(n) 50.8 B1 Viet, 654;98&10 Geo 6.0.7,             (bY'53: 8 $eMiot,hay
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