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14 October 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1959-10-14 number 64 part B

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                                               Sooper,               _
                                           th Qt 198—Patt
                Garotia Nos $4. Vale A6,18
_ Rapper {6 OstaS

                                » (No, 25 oF 1947).
              .       Diplomatic Privileges (CCTA) Orden
          °                Commencement : 15th Ovtober, 1959:
 cw exerciagofthe
            ofthepowers.conferred bysection 3 ofthe Diplomatfée Heivite es | -
                     dinance, 1947, the Governor-General, after Gonsultation: with »r
          aaa~ has madothe following Order— *.
    1, Thia                  be cited asthe.Di lomatic.‘Privileges. ccTA Or er, ' Citationand.
  1959, and shailbe>ofFederal application.            *     aes ace a vf a          application,

                                 A--Tue Oktanteation * ad                  tee
   2. Ihe:Commiisionifor ‘Téchinical: Co-operation. inAfrica South of: the          Tnterna--
        (hereinafter referredto as the Commission) is an organisationof             tional
 which the United Kingdomandforeign sovercign Powers ité meinbetsy
    3, ‘The Commissionshall have the legal capacitiesof a bodycorporate sad,”
  except in so-farasin atiy particular ease it hasexpresslywaivedits immunity,
- frmunity. from: suit dndlegal process. No- waiverof immunity shall be
  deemed to extendtoahy meanure ofexecution.
    4. Tho:Commission ahalfhave the: fike invlolability ofoffictal archives and
 ‘promises occupiedag offices as is accordedin respect ofofficialarchives and -
  premises ofanenyoy of a foreign sovercign Poweraccteditedto Her Majety.
    §. The Coramission shall have: thelike exemption orrelief. tte
 sates,other thantaxes on theiiaportation ofgoods,ag ixcacsordest aoc
 sovereignPower.        ios
    6. The Commission shall have exemption frort tditey on thei‘ity ration          Custoins
 of goods directlyimportedby the Commissionforits officialuse:in-Nigeria or          uties.
 for     rationsot onthe importation ofany: publications.of the Commission
  doeimported byit,auch exemptionto besubject to. compliancewithsuch
 conditions as thieBoatdofCustomiaand: Excisemay.prescriifor,th)pte
 ‘ttott of therevenueofthe Federation. —        ho
   Js The Commission shallhave.exemption.frombro ons‘aod. restric.                  Control of
  tions on1importation, ok exportation. inthe.case of goods:ecelympored             imparts and.
 “OF Oxpo:    bythe           ission forits official: useand, in thbe.644 of:any”   exports,
  outer of the Commission directly importedor.exported b it:
    B—RepREsENTATIVES, oftritay Rewhedkerarives OrFick ‘Mageste’s
          ’ GovganMeENT in THE UnjrenKinapom, on Orcans .~
                + OR Comnarries or THE CoMMIssION =. |”
 8Bexcept {nso fai asfh any{partinday cadg aityprivilege arimaiunity                Privileges4
        oddoy.‘the, Governments’         they represent, ‘sepresentatives of of'repre-             |
 hemmber6oyernmitntsat conferences, mnectings,workingpatties, cotnmittees sentatives,
 otcotirella of theCoramissiont oforganthereofshal}enjoy—~."
  “© (a) while exercising thelr functions(as such.and duringtheit.jjourneys
    to andfrom the place of meeting, immunity from personal arrest or
    detention.andfrom scizure of their: personal.Regeees,andjaviolability-‘for
   all papers and documents }
     (3) immunity.fromJéegal process of eve kind in respect of words
   spoken or written-andthings doneor omitted to bedone bytthem in their
                  asrepresentatives,                            fe

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