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29 October 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1959-10-29 number 67

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                                                   ‘OM rabrory
                    .            ts property,                                     a                       B541
       Supplementto Official Gazette No. 67, Nok                   25th Cofober, 1959-Pan Be                    -
       LN.2290f1959 -                                 :                             ae
                            HE INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT
                    angOME TAX RELIEF) ORDINANCE, 1955.

                     “eee Development (income Tax Relief)
        wa.           . _ (Oilseed Processing) Order, 1959 - cet yas
        |S” Commencement 29th October, 1959 6                                                                   _
            Wuarsas representations have beenreceived: pursuantto subsection
      _section 3 oftheIndustrial Development (IncomeTaxRelief) Ordinance,                     58,
      for the makingof anOrder declaring the industry and the products set outin
      theSchetule tothis Orderto be&pionect'indugtryand pioncer products :
            Ano wisrzasalfi necessary:steps have been taken, pursuantto subsections
       1) and (2) of section, 3 of the said Ordinance, prior to the inakingof this
             NW THEREPORE,iin exorcise of the.‘powers conferred by subsection (2) of
      sectton 3of the Enidustrial Development (Income Tax Relief) Ordinance, -
      1st the Governir-Genoral,after consultationwith the Council of Ministers,
      has mide thefollowing Order—                                                     oe
         1). ‘This Ordermay-be'cited as the Industrial Development (Income Tax Citation and...
” Relief) (Oilseed Peoconan) Order, 1959, and ‘shall beof Fedelfal application                      epplication.

             @eths industryset out in the Schedule hereto shall bealonerindue-                               :
            ay t                                                                                          tore
                  theproducts et ‘out in the Schedule heteto shall be the’pie                         Sah ke
              eta of the industry,                                                 soe
        3. The total waightof pioncer products other than groundnut oil, ground- Conditions*
      cutstedl androundouteae roduced by a companycertifieda8 4 pioneer relating bd
  .            in retion $0 thesaid industry during anyperiodof twelve’months                       products,
      ‘shal beinloaat twentypercont of the total weight. ofthe:pioneer produgts                                 :
      produced by the corbpany during that period.                                   i
                   oes SCHEDULE —                 aes
      _ , Andustry       Ly                _. Products.
- The procesin of ailséels. “Coconut oil,meal, cake,shell’ and-shell flour;
                        3               7 palm‘Kerneloil, meal, “cake and. ‘shells                  9 s+
                                           cottonseedoil, meal, cake, flourand liters                  .
                                                - Tecething
                                             Benniseed oil, meal and eake; soya: oil, meal, .
                                           ¢° cake-and: flour $ groundaut.oil, meal, cake
                            seep men

                                           \ cand flour; egusi-seed oil, meal and cake:
                                               L:_Nigereaeedoi; meal, and cake } sheanutoil,
                                                “meal and cakes3. conophor-nut all, ‘meal and
                                               --@gke} apok-seed oil, meal. ‘andcake;
                                       _        * yubbereseed oil, meal and cake ; castor-seed
                               os          ~ oil, meab-nd. ‘cake. cashewennt: seed oil,             iue
                            Oe cgi ing fiteab and. cakeseunflosver-seed: ailemeal™|
                               Bs Pad cake.’ f                             Be
                                       mk                   Bro”       Mavarcn,JRNUSIN,s
              ,                                    oe :       ~ exndAURICRTON
      Lagos, 21st October, 1959.           -                   .       Council of Ministers

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