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3 December 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1959-12-03 number 74 part B

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         ORTe Se

                                                     December, 1959—Part B
        Supplement toOMloial GazetteNos74,Vol46, 3rd
 "LIN, 252 of 1959 ©
                 " “FORTS ORDINANCE,1954 (No. 27 oF 1954)
               Nigerian Ports Authoxity (Pilotage Districts) Order,1959
                     -_    Gommencennent :3rd December, 1989
          The N orl att Ports Authority~ia! oxexctse: oftho    powers, and authority
        vosied fnfeern by section 45of the Ports Ordinance, 1954, aad of every other
        powor in thatb pale vested in thom do hereby makethe following ordex—
           1, This Order. may be cited as the Nigerian Ports Authority..(Pilotage         Citation.            .
        Districts). Order, 1959, and: shall come into operation on the 3rd day of
                                                                                          and      ,
                                                                                          commence- _
        December, 1959,                                                                   ment.        ,
        « 2%‘There shall baa pilotage district intthe port of Lagoswithinthe limits       Lagos.
         set outin the Firat Schedule tothis.Order,                -      pe
          3, Thore shall be three pilotage districts in the port of Port Harcourt         Port             /
        within the respective limits set out in the SecondScheduleto this Orders _
                                                                                          Harcourt. -

       Provided that theprovisions ofthis section shallnot apply tothenavigation
   " within Boler Creek of2 vessel which doesnot navigate seaward ofthe Bonrly :
         "4, There shall. he &pilotage district in the port of Calabaroo                  Calabar. :
        limite eet out in the Third Scheduletothis Order. -
          5, There shall be two pildtage districts in the port of Victoria within the     Victoria.’
        limite set out in the Fourth Schedule to this Order, _
      6, Pilotage shall be compulsary in the whole of the pilotage district               Compulsory
  .gitablldhod by section. 2-of this, Ordex and in pilotagedistricts Aand B
  } satublished by nection 3 of this Order.       Mela Guha          oy
oo ay

                                   FIRSTSCHEDULE. _
                     Pitorace Drarricr—-Porr. or Lacos
—S Within ar area enclosed: by thefollowing, 4 line drawn from the South —
  end of the West Mole in a north-westerly direction along the north east
  side of the Mole to the point whereit joinsthe foreshére, thence in a general
         northerly direction along the foreshore to theriorth-east corner of Meridian
         point, thencein 4 287° direction to the beaconon Badagri point, thence in
         a general south westerly direction along theforeshore on the south side of
         Badagri creek to. =: point where the foreshore crosses the meridian of 3°22" -
        ‘east, therice In 2 360° direction to theforeshore on the north side of Badagri
         ctéek, thence ina general north easterly direction along the foreshoreto the
         point where it meets the Apapa Wharf Extension, thence along thesouth,
         cast and orth sides ofApapa Wharf Extension, thence in a general northerly
“, ditection along the foreshore to. the beacon on Bluff point, thence in, a 035°
   direction to the heacon on the-southern end. of Iddo Island, thence ina
   general. north-easterly directionalong the foreshore of Iddo Island.tothe
         north wedt corner of Carter Bridge, thence alangthesouth. west side of
         Carter Bridge ta the point whiere it meets. the foreshore of Lagos Island,
         thence in a generally westerly andthen south-casterly: direction, alongthe
     foreshore, to Magezine Point thence in a north east direction to. the nor
   _ Wweat end of the ridge across the cntrance to Five Cowrie Creek, thence
        ‘alongthesouthwest sideofthebridge tothe point whete itjoins the foreshore    ,
         thence in-a general southerly direction along the foreshore and the west side.
         of the eaat mole,to the south west end of the mole, thence in 2 090° direction
        for 4,500 feet, thencein a 180° ‘direction for 7,500 fect, thence in 2270? —
         direction for 6,000 feet thence ina 360° direction to the startingpoint: «
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