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24 December 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1959-12-24 number 78 part B

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                                  faa                  i                                     ok

                                                     ee                         .                 Be5L
          Supplement {o'OfficialGazeite Noi 78, vols'46, Ath December, 1959—Part B                     -
         E.N. 266 0f 1959
           |            ~ PORTS ORDINANCE, 1954.(No. 27 or 1954)
          Nigerian Ports Authority Petroleum Whart (Apapa) Bye-laws 1959
    ;                      Dateof Commencement : 24thDecember, 1959 |
    - werhe NigerianPorte Authorityin exaricite of thepowersvested in themby
-‘BaiPeathomdotnkeaecowiaggeen mee
                       7.                GENERAL                    poe                           ws
. I, These byeslawa may be eited.as the Nigerian Ports Authority.Petroleum ‘Title and.
| Wharf (Apapa) by-laws, 1959and shall come into operdtion.on. the 24th Commence
.. day of December, 1959,                                                  ms            ment.
|              2,.‘These’bye-laws shall applyto.that portion ofthe port of Lagos known Application.
» and designated as “thePetroleum Wharf,”                      ee
_ [ay Tn these bye-laws unless thecontext otherwise requires fee :                       Interpreta- _
'C. “Authority” ameans the Nigériin Ports Authority established: under:the               fom
a provisions of the Ports Ordinance, 1954 bo            pote yates
   “Cargo” includes all+ kinda
                          Rene Oof
                                F movable
                                   movanle persona
                                             personal ea    ty.other.
                                                       prapert  0 thanr
          Pp “Chief Fire Officer” means the Chief Fire Officer of thie’Authotity
(* shallincludehis dalyauthoriseddeputiesandassistants;
.               _-“Explogives"* shall have thesamemeaning us contained!in theExplosives
"Ordinance(Cap, 69; 1948 Editionof theLaws of Nigeria).|:. <0 ec.
  — “Harboue"Master*-means a Harbour Master duly appointed by. the
          Authorityfor the Wharf and shall include his duly authorised: deputies
          andassistahtay                         Pe        Ee Ne                pos
   “Ot shall include petroleum and petroleum products;
.* WWehicla!* meansany vehicle otherthana train orvessel;     40.
 «    “Vomel” includes any ship, vessel, tug, lighter, canoe or boat of any’
   Idnd‘whatyoavorwhetherpropelledby stedm or otherwise or towed;
      “Tho Wharf! means the Petroleum Wharf, Apapa,                                                    i

                       - LOADING AND DISCHARGING CARGO                                        |
          +. No cargo, ather than petroleum, petroleum:products, or petroleum           Cargo not
        containers or non-inflammable ships’ stores, shall be toaded into.or discharged fobs|
        fromany vessellyingattheWharf, =                                co. discharged.
          5. Any vessel containing explosives shall, before berthing at the Wharf)
        properlystow away such explosives inapproved magazines,         cy      ee ¢
          6, All maindeck scuppors whenfitted’ shall be securely plugged and
        rendered water-tight duringtheloading or dischargingof.sikaRe :
        and dip trays shall be placed beneath the deck manifold and hose connections.
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