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31 December 1959

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1959-12-31 number 79 part B

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ee                                           ,         oo         |  B655‘
Supplement to Official GazetteNo. 79, Vol. 46, 31st December, 1959-BartB
 LN.267081959 =                  we
      LagoaContfalPlanningScheme1951(AmendmentNo. 3)Order, 1959
                 *             + Commencement : 31st December, 1959 - cade
      In exerciseof‘the.powers conferred by section 244 ofthe Lagos ‘Town Planning» .
 Ordinance, theLagosExecutive Development Board, with the approval of the Minister
 of Lagos Affaita, has made the followingorder—        po                         o
    - 1, ‘This‘Order maybecited as the Lagos Central Planning Scheme 1951(Amend-
 ment No. 3) Order, 1989.                                   we         aE
   _ 2, The Third:Schedule tothe Lagos Central Planning Schemeset outin theSche-
 dule to the: Lagos Central Planning Scheme (Approval) Order in' Council, 1952as .
amended. by the Lagos-Central Planning Schemé 1951 (Amendment) Order, 1959, is .
 amended by the deletion of the VestingDate “Ist January, 1961’?in respect of Sub-Area
 9 dnd the substitution,therefor of the following Vesting Date—
                                      “Let January, 1960",
                an                                           ALB. Westmacort; —
                7                     _                   Acting Permanent Secretary,
              Dg                       oy        fo.          Ministry of Lagos Affairs
. SLOQOI/S. 9.0 ay |
 LN, 268of 1959"
             The Wireless TeamacteyAmendment) (No, 2) .

                             Commencement + 1st,January,1960      wos


 Ministers, has made the following regulations           --           cat          .
  3, (1) These regulationmay becited as the Wireless Telegraphy (Amend-           Citation,
" ment). (Ne 2) Regulations, 1959, and shall comeinto operation on theIst         _commence-
 day of January, 1960, -         pi gls   fateh Deb            B asthe + eaten,
 ~ (2) These regulationsshall be of Federal application.             a
   2. Regulation 4 of the Wireless. ‘Telegraph Regulations (hereinafter           Amendment
  eferred to as the principal regulations) is hereby amended by deleting”ofresulation —
               (5) thereof and substituting therefor the following: Wantes ;
          Thea       danas
                         rae:          we hee
       (6) Broadcast receivin g licences :                                        Telegraphy
                                                                                  Regulati ons.
      - Broadcast receivinglicence(Class A) (excludingtelevision) Forth 2 Vel. X
         Broadcast receivinglicence: Class A) includingtelevision) Form 2a       | P- 558.
         Special licence (Clase B) .\ ue ke ee Form”,
   3, Regulation § of the principal regulationsishereby amendedby déleting        Amendment »
 the expression “broadcast listener's: licence’inthe first and second*Jines:      ofregulation,
 thereof and substituting therefor the expression “broadcastreceivinglicence”.    5.

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