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26 January 1961

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1961-01-26 number 5 part C

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Supplement to Offtcial Gazette No. 5, Vol. 48, 26th January, 1951—Part C         C9

    Thefollowing Bill, which will in due course be presented to
Parliament for enactment, is published for general information.

           Export or NiGERIAN Propuce (AMENDMENT) Bit
    The operation of the Export of. Nigerian Produce          Ordinance, 1958,
has disclosed that the definition of “produce”is tos wide.   /‘The amendment
to be madebythis Bill will restrict the interpretation of produce to that
which is subject to a Regional Marketing Law, and will include the products
thereof as heretofore. The other amendments correct errors which have
cometo light in the text of the Ordinance.

                                                 M. B. Dircuarma,
                                          Minister of Caxneree and Industry,
                                                 Federation ofNigeria
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