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16 February 1961

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1961-02-16 number 8 part B

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                                     |                                                   B49
Supplementto Official Gazette No. 8, Vol, 48, 16th February, 1961—Part B

L.N. 19 of 1961.                ou
                    (CHAPTER 122)
            __Transfer of Functions (Survey) Order, 1961
 Silas eta +. Commencement: 16th February, 1961...
  In exercise ofthe powers conferred bysection 2 ofthe Ministers’ Statutory
Powers and Duties (Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance, the Governor-
General, acting in accordance with the advice of the Council of Ministers,
has made the ‘ollowing Order—

  1. This Order may becited as the Transfer of Functions (Survey) Order,          Citation
1961, and shall have effect in respect of the Federal Territory of Lagos.         and
  2. Section 7 of the Survey Ordinance shall be read and construed in its         Modification
application to the Federal Territory of Lagos as if for the words “Governor”      of section7
and “Governor of the Region” (which as a consequence of the definition            of the
of the word “Governor” in the Interpretation Ordinance are interpreted
as m
          g “Governor-General’’). wherever they appearthere were sub-
                                                                                   Cap, 194. ,
stitutedthe following—                                                            ‘Cap. 89.

   * Mabeat Lagos this Ist day of February, 1961.

                                                     C. O. Lawson,
                                               Acting Deputy Secretary to the
                                                     Council ofMinisters
                           EXPLANATORY Nore
  The effect of this Order is to transfer the functions of the Governor-
General in connection with Disciplinary Committees established under the
Survey. Ordinance to the Minister responsible.
                              votw       Tew

L.N. 20 of 1961       .- --- -
                     The Faki Burma Deportation Order, 1961
    ‘Wuereas J, Aruayt UsMan Sarxi, Minister of Internal Affairs deem it to be con-
ducive to the public good to make adeportation order against one Faxt BurMa,an alien.
    Now, THEREFORE, under section 7(6) of the Aliens (Deportation) Ordinance,it is
hereby ordered thatthesaid F‘AKIBuRMAshall leave Nigeria at the first available opportu-
nityandshall thereafter remain out ofNigeria.
     Manzat Lagos this 6th day of February, 1961.
          Be   mee               a

                                                                    Usman SARKI,
   Cte LES                                             _. Federal Minister ofInternal Affaers
MIA/5534*                                               Ss                 O48
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