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9 March 1961

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1961-03-09 number 14 part C

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Supplement to Official Gazette:No. 14, Vol. 48, Sh{March, 1961—Part C                  C 45

     The following Bills, which will in due course be presented to
Parliament for enactment, are published for general information.

                                   | NIGERIAN CITIZENSHIP
    The Nigerian Citizenship Ordinance, 1960 prescribed the conditions
under whichcertain persons might apply for Nigerian citizenship. The
main provisions of citizenship law and affecting Nigerians generally are
however embodied in the Second Schedule to the Nigeria (Constitution)
Order in Council, 1960 ; and under the powers thereby conferred, Parliament
is the authority to prescribe sundry forms for use by those Nigerians whose
citizenship may only be established by registration under the law.
     This Bill seeks to give effect to the requirements of Chapter II of the
said Second Schedule to the Order in Council aforesaid ; and at the same
time effects sundry amendments to the Nigerian Citizenship Ordinance, 1960
consequential upon the coming into operation of the said Order in Council.

                                                               Usman Sark,
                                                        Minister of Internal Affairs

                               NIGERIAN CITIZENSHIP
                                   ARRANGEMENT OF CLAUSES

         . Short title, etc.
    oN AMP PP

                Section 3 of the Ordinance amended.
         . Sections added to the Ordinance.
                Section 5 of the Ordinance amended.
                Section 7 of the Ordinance amended.
                Section 8 of the Ordinance amended.
          . Sections added to the Ordinance.
       9. Fees.
     10. Third Schedule added to the Ordinance.
                Schedule.      .           :
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