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13 April 1961

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1961-04-13 number 28 part B

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                               I                                                -     B07
 Supplement to Official Gazette No. 28, Vol. 48, 13th April, 1961—Part B

L.N. 56 of 1961
                       (No. 31 oF 1960)
                                   Appointed Day Notice
     In exercise of the powers conferred by section 1 (1) of the Foreign Judgments
 (Reciprocal Enforcement) @rdinance, 1960, the Governor-General, acting in accordance
 with the advice of the Council of Ministers, has appointed the Ist February, 1961, as the
 day upon which the said Ordinance shall comeinto operation.
     Lagos, 4th April, 1961,

                                                                  C, O. Lawson,
                                                          Acting Deputy Secretary to the
                                                               Council of Ministers

 L.N. 57 of 1961                     |            |
   Exchange Control (Appointment of Authorised: Dealers) (No. 2) Notice, 1961
                            Commencement : 30th Fanuary, 1961
     In exercise of the powers conferred by subsection (1) of section 42 of the Exchange
 Control Ordinance, the Federal Minister of Finance has authorised the Acceptance and
 Investment House named in the Schedule hereto to act for the purpose of the said
 Ordinance as authorised dealer in relation to gold or foreign currency.

     This Notice shall be of Federal application and is supplemental to Legal Notices
- Nos. 114 of 1955, 118 of 1955, 255 of 1959, 6 of 1960, 33 of 1960, 136 of 1960 and 10
 of 1961.

                                   Philip Hill (Nigeria)Limited
                                                                        R. A. CLARKE,
                                                      y             Permanent Secretary,
 Lagos, 24th March, 1961.                                           Ministry of Finance
   F.10861/S. 130
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