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18 May 1961

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1961-05-18 number 36 part A

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Supplement to Official Gazette No. 36, Vol. 48, 18th May, 1961—Part A                     ~                Al

             EMERGENCY POWERS ACT, 1961

     Assented.to in Her Majesty’snamethis 17th day of April, 1961.

                                                                  NNAMDI AZIKIWE,


                         ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS
Section                                |   4. Orders   and            rules       under   the
          .      ree               .            regulations.
 1. Shorttitle,application and com         5. Regulations, orders and rules to be
                                                approved by Parliament.
 2. Interpretation.                    |         oN        y
                                           6. Inconsistency.
 3. Regulations.                           7. Presumption: of authenticity.
                              1961, No. 1
An ACT FOR THE MAINTENANCE AND SECURING OF Peace, ORDER AND GooD                                 Title.
   . GOVERNMENT DURING PErIoDs OF EMERGENCY.                  .
                         .                     [30th March, 1961]                               _ ment.
          BE IT ENACTEDbythe Legislature of the Federation of Nigeria                            Enactment.
     in this present Parliament assembled and by the authority of the same
     as follows—                                                  .
          1. (1) This Act maybe cited as the Emergency Powers Act, 1961,                         Short title,
     andshall be of Federal application.                                                         application
          (2) This Act shall be deemed td have comeinto operation on the                         commence-
     30th March, 1961. ,                                                      :                  ment.

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