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25 August 1961

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1961-08-25 number 61 part C

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                                                                                    -€ 431 —
Supplementto Official Gazette Extraordinary No. 61, Vol. 4g, 25th Augus

     The following Bill, which will in due course be presented to Parliament
for enactment, is published for general information.

              TREASURY BILLS (AMENDMENT) No. 23°

                      ._   Expianatory MEMORANDUM                   °

     Theobject of this Bill is to empower the Minister of Finance to authorise —
payments of loans to Regional Governments from the proceeds of the
issues of Treasury Bills from the Consolidated-Fund.                      4


                                                            F. S. Oxorin-Eson,
                                                             Minister of Finance,
                                                            Federation of Nigeria

               TREASURY. BILLS (AMENDMENT)No. 23
                             ARRANGEMENT OF CLAUSES -
     Clause                                             °
       1.   Short title, ete.                          “*
       2, New section added to Ordigance,
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