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13 September 1961

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1961-09-13 number 67 part B

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Supplement to Official Gazette No. 67, Vol. 48, 2ist September, 1961—Part B             'B 307

L.N. 115 of 1961

                        (1961 No.20)
        National Provident Fund (Appointed Day) Order, 1961
  In exercise of the powers conferted upon the Minister of Labour as. the
Fedétal Minister charged with responsibility for the National Provident Fund
by subsection (2) of section 1 of the National Provident Fund Act, 1961, the
following Order is hereby made :—

  1. This Order maybe cited as the National Provident Fund (Appointed               Title.
Day) Order, 1961.                                   ,
   2. In this Order,—                                                               tion.

     ‘the Act” means the National Provident Fund Act, 1961 ;
      “public corporation” includes any body corporate created in Nigeria
   otherwise than under the Companies Ordinance.
   3. Subject to the provisions of this Order the National Provident Fund           Commence-
                                                                                    ment and
 Act, 1961 shall comeinto operation,—               ,                               application
      (a) on the Ist day of October, 1961 in respect workers employed by the
                                                    of                              to workers.
   Federal Government, a Regional Governmentor any public corporation of
   the Federation ;
      (b) on the ist day of January, 1962 where an employer not being a local
   government authority, native authority or public corporation of a Region,
   employs 400 or more workers;
     (c) on the ist day of April, 1962 where workers are employed bya local
   governmentauthority, native authority or public corporation of a Region ;
      (d) on the 1st day of April, 1962 in any other case where the number of
 workers employed by an employeris not less than ten.
   4, Section 11 of the Act (which relates‘to voluntary coverage) shall,for all      Voluntary
 personstherebyaffected or to be affected, come into operation on the ist day
 of April, 1962.
    5. Section 12 of the Act (which relates to the application of the Act to         workers.
  casual workers) shalt apply to casual workers employed in any category of
  paragraph 3 of this Order on the respective dates therein provided for the
  application of the Act.
    6. (1) Nothing in this Order shall be construed,—                           .    Limitation
      (a) to bring into operation sections 24 and 25of the Act (which relate to      application
  ~ sickness benefits) in respect of any worker employedas classified in this        of Act.
    Order or voluntarily covered ; or
       (b) to apply to any contract worker or tributer in any mine or mine-field.
    (2) Save as otherwise set out herein, nothing in this Order shall apply to
  casual workers.

                                                                J. M, JOHNSON,
                                                              Minister of Labour
  13th September, 1961.

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