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23 September 1961

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1961-09-23 number 68 part B

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  Supplementto Official Gazette Extraordinary No. 68, Vol. 48, 23rd September,
                                                                       1961—Part B
  L.N. 119 of 1961                        -
  ,                FIREARMS ORDINANCE (CHAPTER 69)
               Firearms Prohibition (Eastern Nigeria) Order, 1961
                           Commencement : 23rd September, 1961
       In exercise ofthe powers conferred by section 36 ofthe Firearms Ordinance
  the Prime Minister of the Federation has made the following Order—

        1. This Order maybe cited as the Firearms Prohibition (Eastern Nigeria). Citation and
      Order, 1961 and shall have effect in Eastern Nigeria.                      application.
        2. The possession or dealing in any firearms or ammunition in the Okrika     Prohibition.
  Local Council area in Eastern Nigeria, is hereby absolutely prohibited for a
  period of six months from the date ofpublication of this Order in the Federa-
_ tion of Nigeria Official Gazette. ~
    3. All firearms and ammunition in possession of any person within the area       Surrender.
 specified in the foregoing section 2 of this Order shall be surrendered to the
 Assistant Commissioner of Police, Port Harcourt, within one month from the
 date of publication of this Order.                                .
   4, Any person neglecting to make such surrender or being in possession of         Penalty.
 or dealing in any firearm or ammunition during the period that this Orderis
 in force, shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a
 penalty of five hundred pounds or imprisonment for two years, or to both
 such fine and imprisonment.                             ee
       Manethis 21st day of September, 1961.

                                                  ABUBAKAR 'TAFAWA BALEWA,
                                                 Prime Minister of the Federation

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