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13 October 1961

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1961-10-13 number 75 part B

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                                                                                          B 327
    Supplementto Official Gazette Extraordinary{No. 75, Vol. 48, 13th October,
                                                                    1961—Part B
    L.N.132 of 1961
                  ROYAL NIGERIAN NAVY ACT, 1960
                              (No. 9oF 1960)
             Royal Nigerian Navy Act(Amendment) Order, 1961
                         Commencement : 13th October, 1961
      In exercise of the powers conferred by subsection (4) of section 15 of the
    Royal Nigerian Navy Act, 1960, the Governor-General, acting in accordance
    with the advice of the Council of Ministers, has made the following Order :—

      1. This Order may be cited as the Royal Nigerian NavyAct (Amendment)          Citation.
    Order, 1961, and shall be of Federal application.
-     2, The First Schedule of the Royal Nigerian Navy Act, 1960, is amended        Amendment
    by the deletion of the words “of warrant rank” from sub-paragraph (1) of        to First
    Parr IIT.                                                                       Schedule to

      Manein Lagos this 10th day of October, 1961,                                  Navy
                                                                                    Act 1960.

                                                  Isa Koro,
                              Acting Deputy Secretary to the Council of Ministers
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