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19 October 1961

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1961-10-19 number 76 part B

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Supplement to] Official Gazette No. 76, Vol. 48, 19th October, 1961—Part B          B 329

LN.133 of 1961
      The Labour Code (‘Trade Union Contributions) Order, 1961
                   Commencement : 27th September, 1961      |

 In exercise of the powers conferred by section 27A (2) of the Labour Code
Ordinance, the Federal Minister of Labour hereby makes the following
Order—                                                           .
1. This Order maybe cited as the Labour Code (Trade Union Contribu-           Citation and
tions) Order, 1961 and shall be of Federal application.                       Application.

  2. The Trade Unions specified in the first column of the Schedule are       Trade
hereby approved for the purpose of subsection (1) of section 27a of the       Unions
                                                                              approved by
Labour Code Ordinance (as inserted by section 2 of the Labour Code            Minister
(Amendment) Act, 1960) with effect from the date specified in the second      pursuant to
column of the Schedule.                                                       section 27a
                                                                              (2), Cap. 91

                               SCHEDULE                                       Section 2.
                  Name of Trade Union                           Date
  U.A.C. and Associated Companies African Workers’
     Union (Nigeria and Cameroons)                        Ist October, 1961
  Marine Engineering Assistants and Allied Workers’
    Union of Nigeria                                      Ist October, 1961
 “Engine Plants Operators’ Union of Western Nigeria       1st October, 1961

  DATED at Lagos, this 27th day of September, 1961.

                                                   J. M. Jounson,
      .                                       Federal Minister ofLabour
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