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2 November 1961

Nigeria Government Gazette supplement dated 1961-11-02 number 79 part B

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_ Supplement to Official Gazette No. 79, Vol. 48, 2nd November, 1961—Part B       B 357

   LN.142 of 1961
                                  ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS
      1.     : Citation, etc,
     2. Interpretation,

                                   _   Parr I—CoveraGe
           . Borderline establishments.
  in -B Go

             Voluntary coverage : applications, etc.                   ee
           . Voluntary coverage ; amendment and modification of Act.

                                   Part [I-—REGISTRATION
             Registration of employers.
             Employer’s registration number.
        . Registration of workers and voluntary contributors.
        . Worker’s registration certificate.
        . Replacementoflost certificate.
          Information aboutworker leaving service of employer.
        . Worker to complete forms and producecertificate of membership.

                            _    Part ITIT—Conrriputions
             Casual workers, ~
       .     Employer to prepare contribution card.
       +     Manner of payment ofcontributions.
       .     Payment to be accompanied by forms duly completed.
       .     Receipt.
             Earlier payment of contributionsin certain cases,
       .     Refund of contributions made in error.                   .
       .     Paymentof contributions omitted to be paid owing to error.
             Worker successively or ‘concurrently having two or more employers.

                                       Parr IV—BEnNEFITS
        Applications for benefit.

      . Evidence in support of applications for benefit.
      . Medical boardsorreferees.
     . Payment of benefit or refund of contributions.
     . Presentation of instrument of payment.
     . Posting letter containing instrument of payment to be equivalent to
     . Persons of unsound mindor other disability.

                                  Part V—IMISCELLANEOUS
 29. Signing of documents.
 30. Worker to furnish information to employer,
 31. Incomplete or inaccurate documents.
32, Unclaimed moneys.
 33. Variation of forms,etc.

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